Frankly speaking, there is someone that dislikes the “Ville Lumière?”
I love Paris, and i’ve made of Paris the “main theme” of my living room.
Here some advices to give a “touche bohème” to a corner of your house, to feel like in Paris every day!


Searching between the sites that sell gadgets, and looking in many decorations store i found some “must have”:

CUSHIONS: I found a variety of themes, black&white or with vintage stamps, squared or rectangular shaped, like these below:


cushion 2

STAMPS&PAINTINGS: You have so many subjects to choose that you’ll sure find something.

ikeaIn my living I have this IKEA stamp with frame, and i’ve also this cute stamp with a window frame – Maison du Monde (i can open it, and is such particular!)In a small living room, the smaller wall takes depth. It’s a funny effect!

collage quadro

Maybe you can insert some characteristic object  on  cupboards, cabinets, and so on..
(like a small reproduction of the “Tour Eiffel”, near a flowers vase,just so romantic! or a wall decor with P A R I S in letters, like below)



Finally, you can frame your postcards or shots taken during holiday, and create a small corner with wonderful memories of yours.
(in living room i make a composition of b&w shots in dark frames with different sizes – photos below)


And after all this hard work, i think we can take relax with a beautiful box of “macarons”, like these ..

box-of-six-macarons21Colorful macaroons

Do you feel to be in Paris after reading, just a little?
See ya! Cris