Hello!How are you?

We’re really busy in this period, cause in spring we’re moving, we’ll change home!! (tough we’ll still remain in the same town)
It was a bit unexpected (so exciting!) but we found a tiny apartement in the town center, it has to be renovated, but, hey!this is my job, so i’ll work hard and i think in the end it will become a beautiful home!

So, the past few day we looked around for materials, tiles, parquet, and so on.. i still have a bit of confusion because of the huge quantity and variety of the materials we’ve seen, but today i would like to submit to you some of our possible choices:


Kitchen: i was thinking of a square tile, 40×40 cm, to enlarge optically the room. I like the warm tones, like sand for the floor and chocolate (maybe only a stripe between kitchen cabinets)
The kitchen will be two-coloured, in white and laminated wood, and i’ll insert a warm colour, like orange or red. (elegant but energetic)


Bathroom: we were thinking of a modern bathroom, in the shades of grey, a kind of “architectural shower” and suspended bathroom fixture.


Our future bathroom isn’t obviously this big, but i like the colour combination: maybe the floor will be “more grey”, to obtein a neutral effect, which can be personalized with all colours, warm or cold, according to the seasons. (i think that customize the bathroom with towels, rugs, curtains means more fun and brings freshness to the room.)



Bedrooms: I’m totally a “parquet effect” lover, so i’ve no doubt in our choice.
Also in the bedroom is important to have a cozy atmosphere, it’s a private space and it has to fit you perfectly.


I prefere modern and bright-coloured furniture, with a large upholstered bed. To make contrast, the parquet of the master bedroom will be in dark wood.


In the end, for the small bedroom ,i was thinking to a brighter effect, with oak wood or similar, but for now i’ve not really planned it.

Hmm.. we still have so much work to do, but i think that our starting selection is quite good. (hoping to show you soon the good result, with the shots of our new home!)



  1. I love your color ideas for the kitchen and bathroom – and for modern, elegant yet colorful and energetic furniture. I like how you have subtle, clean and modern tones but also pops of color in your ideas. The kitchen layout photo – HAHA – dark chocolate. Love that. 🙂 I have always wanted a kitchen designed in a way that while cooking or preparing a meal or appetizer, I could still interact with the guest… An open kitchen that faces your family and friends. Congratulations on the new place – it sounds like the location is great! 🙂

  2. My husband and I also just bought a very small apartment in the center of a little city. We’re in the process of choosing the floor for the whole apartment, and the kitchen and bathroom layouts. Love your ideas! The gray tile floor is beautiful. Best of luck to you in your renovation.

    • Eh, eh, thanks, so you can perfectly understand me in this moment! I love beige&grey tones ’cause they are perfect for any kind of colour combination, both with plain colours and pattern. Good luck to you! 🙂

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