Hello! For All Saints’ Day I made this simply recipe, (I had so few time that it was impossible to make some cute Halloween cookies…) that i found on Cakemania. (www.cakemania.it) These cookies are really fast to make and so good to eat, you have to try them! Here the recipe:

– 300gr flour
– 200gr cold butter
– 100gr granulated sugar
– 1 egg yolk
– 100gr apricot jam/100 gr nutella (but you can use every kind of jam or chocolate)

Put all the ingredients – except jam  in the mixer and activate it at low speed. You’ll obtain a consistent mixture. Knead the mixture till it’ll become compact. Make a circle with the mixture (two fingers height), roll it up in the plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least half-hour. In the meantime, switch up the oven at 180° C and cover a baking tray with a piece of paper. Take out the mixture of the fridge; cover in flour the working plan  and spread out the mixture till it joins a 5 mm height.
Cut the cookies with two round cookie cutter (the bigger 9-10 cm diameter; the smaller 3 cm diameter); every cookie is made by a “BELOW” part (on this part you’ll spread the nutella or the jam) and an “ABOVE” part. (which you’ll put on the top)

Untitled 2


Put the “ABOVE” and the “BELOW” parts in the oven and cook them till they become golden on the top. (about 10 minutes)
Let the mixture cool down and after, put together the two parts of the cookies spreading in the middle a teaspoon of nutella/apricot jam.

Buon Appetito!


12 thoughts on “C IS FOR .. COOKIES! (OF COURSE!)

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  2. These are gorgeous, All-Saint’s Day cookies. The Nutella or apricot preserves must compliment the buttery cookies perfectly. Nice recipe – simple and high-quality ingredients. I wish I had one (or five!) cookies right now. Oh, and great title (“C is for Cookies, of Course!”)! It makes me smile. The photos make me hungry, especially the first one that his close-up and at an angle. YUM. 🙂 Happy All-Saints Day, Cristina!

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