Hello! Here the weather is really bad, so gloomy! Today i need colors to cheer me up after a long week-end of work, so i prepare some cushions combos. I love pillows, cushions and our new home will be full of soft and fluffy cushion, i know!Hoping that you’ll enjoy the view!


violet cushion combo


green and beige comboLIGHT BLUE

light-blue cushion combo

azure comboDEEP BLUE

blue combo


grey cushion combo

And these last ones are about some handmade cushions, i found the photos on Pinterest. I think they’re originals. (maybe i can make the floral decors with colored paper and frame them – yeah, i think it’s a good idea! – cause i’m not really good at sewing..)

original creations


9 thoughts on “PILLOWS COMBOS

    • Hello! it isn’t such an explanation post, but i liked fabrics and patterns of these cushions.. to make combos of different colors or combos with shadows of the same color is also part of my work 🙂
      Have a nice day!

      • I really loved the fabrics and colors, too! And the style of this post. Great designs. Liked them so much that I couldn’t choose even three that I loved the most. You have such a neat job – dealing with contrast, colors and beauty! Be well.
        🙂 Shanna

      • Yes, i’m really lucky, i make everyday something that inspires me! I was not sure to make a post of this type, cause it’s easy to make a senseless post when you deal with colors and contrast, or when you suggest something about style.. it’s easy to make it wrong! but i tried 🙂 and now i’m happy that you like it! Have a good day! Cris

      • Cristina, I really loved the content and style of this post. It is unique, colorful, approachable – just lovely. Anyone can appreciate it – keep up the great work. This post was straight out of a magazine section. Enjoy your evening!
        🙂 Shanna

      • Yeah, that’s was just my target, that everyone can appreciate it! you explain it really well!Your words makes me smile, i’m happy 🙂
        I’m having a happy evening in relax, now!Finally! Good afternoon! Cris

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