Hello! Time’s flying, we’re already at the middle of November. We’re into autumn, finally! And autumn, for me, means also time to take it easy and just relax, with a warm plaid and a cup of hot chocolate, a good book to read, flipping trough the pages of some interior magazines…
In this post i’ll try to describe, with images, the mood that i like to breath in some corners of my home, cause it’s important to have your own space to rigenerare yourself. Also colours are really important to achieve this purpose, so you have to be beware of the shades of colors you put together. (Feng Shui can teach us a lot about this topic)
disimpegniThis is the reason why spaces like hallways, storage closet, also the spaces underneath the windows can be used in a better way.
Speaking of me, i think that neutral colors, in shades of beige or grey, are the most relaxing for my body and mind, and the easier to match with every other color. But it’s important to liven up them, cause they could become a little “flats” before your eyes. orange palette
1) PERSONALIZE: In the course of time, i’m got used to surround me with the things i love the most: books, magazines, photo album, travel guides .. it’s a beautiful satisfaction to have plenty of things in your house that remind you on the beautiful experiences in your life, or simply at your hobbies: your home must reflect the inner side of who you are. Unlikely a home that you build step by step, instinctively, will have something wrong at other people’s eyes. I really hope that you’ll find some good advices with the inspiration boards below.


2) SOFT IS ..BETTER!: Choose with attention your decors and furnitures: plaids, pillows, cushions, lamps and much more.. every detail makes the difference for the final outcome. Don’t be afraid to fill the house with fabrics, poufs, cushions: soft things make your home just warm, for yourself and for your guests!fluffy cushions

hanging chair3) INSERT A PECULIAR OBJECT: it’s good to break optically the perception of spaces. It could be maybe an object that remind you at your chilhood (the hanging chair!), a travel souvenir, or something else.. It must be something that only you have!

green yellow4)LET’S COMBINE COLORS! It’s not such a big deal, in reality, you must have some simply rules always in mind. If you’re a bit insecure, you may start from neutral colors; then, combine maximum two other colors with the neutral one; take inspiration from magazines, and especially from Nature: landscapes or animals have always adequate combination of colors. But Always, don’t forget what you like the most, you don’t need a cold, tidy home, but a home in which you feel better than in every other place.

paletta rosa

rosa chiaro


  1. Hi, Cris! Great design advice. I really need to learn more – and this is so helpful. I love how you have a modern, yet warm and comfortable style… and unique (I liked your tip to insert a peculiar object). Your idea to practice color restraint and have pops of color is helpful to me, too. I can’t wait to design my house once we settle down permanently in a couple of years! 🙂 Oh, and your book and hot cocoa sound fabulous! Great post! I love all of the graphic design you inserted, too. Best, Shanna

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