Hello!How are you? Last Friday I had some guests. At the beginning of the week Davide and I decided to have fun together with our common friends .. so I spent the free time thinking of something easy and tasty to cook, in only a half-afternoon available. First of all, friday afternoon I prepared the table “dressing”: something simple, informal, and blue-coloured. Squared floreal dishes and blue glasses. Big blue daisies on the table cover. Some white candle for a nice, cozy atmosphere. “All right” – i said to me-“now i can start prepare the dinner!”



I started preparing “pomodori confit”, they’re good both as a “antipasto”, that is a small appetizer, and as a “contorno” (side-dish); i can say for explanation that they’re dried tomatoes flavored with salt, pepper, sugar, extra-virgin oil, oregano, parsley, and garlic, if you like it. I cutted in halves the tomatoes, i put them on a baking tray (already dressed) and i regulated the temperature of the oven at 140 °C for 120 minutes. (convention oven, not fan oven or thet’ll burn)


I like them cause they’re both salty and sweety flavoured, they’re perfect with delicate fish dishes. I served them in some tea-cups. I used a quality of tomatoes that we call “Pomodoro Pachino”, that is a variety grown in Sicily and in the Southern Italy.
Instead of the slices of bread to accompain the dishes, i made some breadsticks (salatini). In the middle, I put a tiny slice of bacon (pancetta) and i made some twisted stuffed “salatini” with the puff pastry. (pasta sfoglia)


My main dish was a classic”risotto with salsiccia”: i used meat stock to cook the rice, in a frying pan I cooked the sausage (without oil, salt and pepper: I used a bolognese sausage, handmade and really spiced, with much pepper). After 35-40 minutes, i added to the rice the sausage and finally the butter, and out of the burner, I continued to amalgamate the ingredients, till the risotto become creamy.


The second dish was made by fried shrimp tails with mashed potatoes: I had flavoured the shrimp fisrt with water, extra-virgil olive oil and lemon juice. (that means, you have to keep soaking the shrimp for a while in this “emulsion”) Then, while cooking, i added minced garlic, parsley, salt and pepper; the last two minutes, i added smashed potatoes together with the shrimp, mixing up the ingredients for a better tasty and creamy flavour. For the presentation, i have divided the shrimp from the mashed potatoes in every portion, making a stripe of smashed potatoes and a circle of shrimp. I cannot take a single shot cause i had no time, i was too busy serving!

This time i couldn’t make “dessert”too, but Cinzia, my best friend, brought to us some delicious chocolate and caramel biscuits .. two packs .. we finished them .. all!The flavour of caramel was just so perfect with our strong espresso coffee we prepared. I must say we enjoyed good food and nice company!Everybody had kind words for my cooking, and i enjoy myself so much.. cooking for the people I care it’s so much fun, and it’s a way to make them feel cuddled!I must repeat the experience… as soon as possible (maybe with more time and some days to organize it!)