Hello!I’m so busy during these days that i have no time to upload the blog!So many things both to do and to think about, i’m feeling like on a merry-go-round! Here Christmas’ mood has finally sprout, so in this period also on the blog, i’ll post some home decorations i usually make for Christmas, and also some Christmas recipe. I like this special atmosphere.Today i want to start with a winter classic recipe: Truffes au chocolat (in italy we call them “praline” or “tartufi” al cioccolato) The “truffes” are pralines made of chocolate flakes melted into milk cream. When the choco-cream is cooled and consolidated, you shape it in small irregular pralines, and after you roll them into cocoa powder, or some other ingredients.

In this recipe, i’ve covered the “tartufi” also with pistachio (chopped in small pieces), flakes of chocolate and coconut, or with simple icing sugar; but, if you wish, you can use many other ingredients, like minced hazelnuts and almonds.


INGREDIENTS (for about 30 “tartufi”)
Fine Fondant (Extra Bitter) Chocolate: 150 gr
Fine Milk Chocolate: 100 gr
Fresh Milk Cream (or double cream): 150 ml

Unsweetened cocoa powder
Chocolate Flakes
Icing sugar
Coconut Flakes

First, you mince finely the chocolate (both fondant and milk). Pour the milk cream in a small pot,  and  bring it to a boil. After, remove it from the cooker and add to the cream the two types of chocolate. Keep melting since all the chocolate liquefy: the result has to be a smooth, without lumps mixture. Melt till the chocolate became dense, then let the mixture cool down. When it will be cold, but still not completely solid, melt energetically one more time to obtain a lighter mixture. Put together small quantities of mixture helping you with hands, or with two teaspoons, to make small balls: put the “truffes” on a tray and put them in the fridge to make the “tartufi” become solids. (at least for 1 hour and 30 minutes) When pralines are solids, you can finally roll them in cocoa powder and in the other covering that you have already prepared. Preserve the “tartufi” in the fridge into a covered container till you’ll serve them.



To make the presentation of the “tartufi” even better, you can use an old pralines’ box, putting each “tartufo” in a tiny coloured cupcakes’ wrapper. (in the first and last photos you can see one of the boxes i’ve prepared) For Christmas usually i use silver or white wrappers. You know, nobody can resist at these delicacies!Happy Christmas time! Cris