Hello, Good Monday!It’s a bit ‘l do not speak about home decor and interiors, but i know that it’s a very discussed topic in this period on the blogs, so today i would give you some simple “advices” to make your home warm and friendly, without being to “lavish” – it’s not the right spirit, i think – during this special time of the year. As I was saying this morning answering to a comment on the previous post, lights and candles are basic decorations, that will put you in the right spirit. Just observing the flickering flames of candels will bring you serenity and joy.
This morning I was looking around on Pinterest, and i’ve found so many inspiring images that I’ve decided to draft a Christmas list that i would share with you.


LANTERNS: I’m crazy about lanterns, i think they always add to home a special romantic touch. There are outdoor lanterns in different sizes, made by iron or coloured wood, and I often put them also indoor, in the hallways or on the stairs.
BLINKING LIGHTS: Usually we use them on the Cristmas Tree, or on the balcony. I think this kind of lighting, spotted and suffesed, it’s just perfect for the winter nights. It’s beautiful to decorate some corners of the home with lights, I’m a great fan of luminous branches (to put in transparent vases) and of the floral bouquets on a console woven with blinking lights.
CANDLES: a must have during all year, especially in this period. Green and red candles go together in this season, even if I prefere simple white candles, slightly scented, especially for the dinner table.


CHRISTMAS SOCKS: Extra-large coloured socks in which we put sweets, candies or lollipops. I don’t have a fireplace in my home, so i hang them at the windowsill. When i look at them, I suddenly come back to my childhood.
INDOOR TINY LANTERNS: (see previous trio) I think that these tiny lanterns with Christmas subjects are just adorable. I’ve seen something similar at Ikea and Maisons du Monde shops.
CHRISTMAS COOKIES: it can’t be Christmas without festive recipes! Cookies and cupcakes have the starring role: decorated with sugar paste, and sugared almond; cookies shaped with beautiful cookies’ cutters, to make tons of stars and reindeers. (someone hangs them even on Christmas Tree). Here in Italy candy canes and gingerbread men aren’t really popular, short crust pastry remains the main ingredient in the most part of the recipes.
CHRISTMAS WREATH: to hang up at the house’s doors, they welcome the guests; they’re made by woven wooden branches, red berries, coloured ribbons and pine leaves, and many others ornaments; a sprig of mistletoe brings good luck for the New Year. Lovers always kiss each other under the mistletoe, it’s a common habit.


CHRISTMAS BALLS: These ornaments are widespread all over the world: we use to hang them on the Chistmas Tree, but they’re good decorations to use for a centerpiece, or to hang at the windows with coloured ribbons for decoration.They’re made by many materials: glass, plastic, fabrics, paper, ecc…
ADVENT CALENDAR: This calendar is very common between children, and it’s used to count the days remaining at Christmas (from 1st December to 24th December). Every day is a little box that contains sweets or candies.
CHRISTMAS CARDS: nowadays few people still use the postcards, or the Christmas cards to give to family and friends; I love to make Christmas card by myself, not to buy them. I like to personalize the cards, it’s part of the gift, and i can’t think to make the same gift for two different persons. If you have the time, make it by your own, the people who receive it will be so happy!
MUGS: To fight winter cold, nothing it’s better than a hot chocolate cup. I love mugs, and every year I always find so many mugs with Christmas’ subjects that I’m not able to choose a single one. Perfect for a tea-time with friends, or after dinner, when you’re on the couch, under the plaid.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time!Cris



    • Good Morning Shanna! Are you a “little busy” in these days, right? Thank you dear, your words are the best to hear for an interior designer! Happy Wednesday! XOXO Cris

      • Cris – I am making truffles and Christmas cookies this evening… and eating lots of chocolate. 🙂 Hehe. Yes, I do love your patterns and colors; you have a gift for your profession. HAPPY WEDNESDAY to you, too. AND I got your plumb cake recipe… thank you so much for sending it and including extra instructions. xx Shanna

      • Eheh, I did it, finally! Oh, chocolate, I envy you .. I like cooking sweets cause I can taste in the meanwhile all the different ingredients 😉
        Hoping that the recipe’s explained clearly. Have a good day!Besos Cris

      • Hi Shanna, I’ll bake all the time on the 24th, the Christmas Eve .. me too i have to prepare sweets for family and friends .. it will be a sweet marathon 🙂
        Have a good day!Hugs Cris

      • Shanna – I’m so busy that i have no time to post a thing! Today I made Christmas cards, i want to post some photos in the afternoon, I hope to have some time… See ya later! Hugs – Cris

  1. Con le decorazioni c’è da perdere la testa. Sono loro che fanno lo “l’atmosfera” natalizia.
    L’importante secondo me è avere un progetto per non cadere nel minestrone di decorazioni diverse che ogni tanto si vedono..

    • Buongiorno! Sì, anche secondo me è importante darsi un “tema”, o comunque scegliere un massimo di due/tre colori che si vogliono utilizzare.. troppe decorazioni tutte insieme e non pertinenti tra loro non fanno un bell’effetto … buon martedì!Cris

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