Hello!Phew, only six days remaining to Christmas! Finally I can feel a warm atmosphere, all around me but especially in my hearth, deep inside. Today I’ve to rush to finish the last gifts, so I’ve not so much time to spend on my blog .. sigh!I would like to share with you some photos I took last week in my town-center, for the Christmas Street markets. Also our tiny town seems shining with all these decorations!



Piazza Cavalli, Christmas Market, Piacenza


Sweets, Flowers and Crafted Products’ Stands


As you can see, the colour of my town are white and red, like the tops of the stands



    • Good Morning!Yes, it is. Christmas’ markets bring Always a nice atmosphere in the town. Sure Bratislava markets are wonderful!Enjoy your saturday before Christmas! Hugs – Cris

    • Hello Shanna, how are you? Thank you for your kind words! Piacenza is quite a small town, but in this period of the year it has a nice atmosphere 🙂
      Are you still baking right now? Xoxo Cris

      • Hi, Cris… OH, yes. We love to bake this time a year. We are baking up a storm. In the past few days: pumpkin muffins; truffles; gingerbread men; sugar cookies; linzer cookies; granola bars! 🙂 Tell me, how are you enjoying the holiday? A stroll around your gorgeous town sounds like the perfect, festive evening treat! Best, Shanna

      • Good morning Shanna! It’s beuatiful to bake during Christmas’ holidays, i love it! When it’s snowing outside, it’s like heaven! Tomorroe I’ll try your granola bars, like i said before 😀
        I’m working also today, then i’ll have three days off finally, to make some strolls around the town. Have a great day!xoxo Cris

      • Hi, Cris,
        We have made the granola bars AGAIN, this time with dried cranberries, pistachios and sliced apricots. This trio is very delicious. Oh, three days of walks – and baking and looking out at the snow… how fantastic! Have a lovely holiday!
        Best wishes,
        Shanna xx

      • Yes, really it is! I’m waiting for snow, but till now this year we haven’t a single flake 😦
        I’m sure that your granola bars were gorgeous! I’ll make them for First Day of the New Year! Xoxo – Cris

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