Hello! Time is flying away, and now there are only 2 days at Christmas… Today I’ve finished Christmas’ cards, and I want to show you my idea for this year: I made some photos to explain better. Like I said before, handmade Christmas’ Card are always the most appreciated. First of all, you need some cardboards: red, green, blue and a white one. To realize it, of course, scissors and glue, a black marker pen, and many coloured drawing pens.
20131223_095120This year I made a nice drawing of a Santa with his reindeer dragging the sleigh. I coloured the sketch with red drawing pen , of course, for Santas’ clothes, and two tones of green for the sleigh and the writing. I curved out the drawing and I pasted it on a red card. (A4 dimensions, folded in half)  After that, I take a photo of Davide and me, and I printed it, and I cutted off our heads (said in this way, it sounds a bit “gloomy”): I pasted the “heads” on the Santas’ clothes. Inside, as you can see, I added a white card for writing my Christmas message, and to garnish it, I drawed two bay leaves with some red berries.
20131223_102939For the final touch, i added a shaped blue cardboard, to make a starry night sky. (or a snowy sky, if you prefere).

It’s a very simple idea, if you like to cut and paste and drawing something on your own.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!Cris