Hello! Time is flying away, and now there are only 2 days at Christmas… Today I’ve finished Christmas’ cards, and I want to show you my idea for this year: I made some photos to explain better. Like I said before, handmade Christmas’ Card are always the most appreciated. First of all, you need some cardboards: red, green, blue and a white one. To realize it, of course, scissors and glue, a black marker pen, and many coloured drawing pens.
20131223_095120This year I made a nice drawing of a Santa with his reindeer dragging the sleigh. I coloured the sketch with red drawing pen , of course, for Santas’ clothes, and two tones of green for the sleigh and the writing. I curved out the drawing and I pasted it on a red card. (A4 dimensions, folded in half)  After that, I take a photo of Davide and me, and I printed it, and I cutted off our heads (said in this way, it sounds a bit “gloomy”): I pasted the “heads” on the Santas’ clothes. Inside, as you can see, I added a white card for writing my Christmas message, and to garnish it, I drawed two bay leaves with some red berries.
20131223_102939For the final touch, i added a shaped blue cardboard, to make a starry night sky. (or a snowy sky, if you prefere).

It’s a very simple idea, if you like to cut and paste and drawing something on your own.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!Cris



    • Hi Shanna, how are you? I’m still in a food coma, i was with my family and friends in the past few days, so I had no time to write a single word for my blog. Did you make some special dinner in the meanwhile?
      I’m glad that you liked it; Davide really appreciated this card.
      Of this type I made a single one, for my friends I made a card shaped like a Christmas’ ball all decorated, with a message inside. I think it was pretty. Have a great day! Xoxo Cris

      • Cris – A food coma. Yes, I hear you! I ate so many goodies over the holidays! 🙂 Greg is at the hospital doing a long surgery… and I suppose it is a great day to go shopping with the little ones. I hope you post about all of your delicious meal! Best – Shanna

      • Hi Shanna, I hope that you enjoyed your shopping with the kids 🙂
        Yesterday I was trying to write a post about the “friday night recipes”, but i was at work and i didn’t finish! OMG! Wish today it will come to an end!Big Hugs – Cris
        P.S.: If you notice, we’ve a new entry (see Instagram) His name is Patrick, and it’s a three-mounths kitten 🙂

      • I loved your post about Christmas dinner. I noticed you did one and then took it down… thank goodness the next came up soon. 🙂 OH, my, you must blog about Patrick the kitten and his holiday mischief. I look forward to it!!!! Best wishes, Shanna xx

      • Good morning my friend! Yes, I’ve messed up with the upload of the post, but it wasn’t complete :O
        Patrick is getting used to his new home, and he goes everywhere – literally – the second day he hid himself in the back of the fridge! 😀 – I think that surely I’ll make a post about his mischief! Have a good day, dear!XOXO – Cris

      • Looking forward to that post. We had a beloved dog for many years, who left us recently. Pets do brighten the home and our lives. They are so adorable! Warm regards and best wishes for a sweet New Year. – Shanna xx

      • Hello Shanna, happy New Year to you! Finally I have some days off at work, i’m a bit busy making the things i can’t do when I’m at work 🙂
        Hoping that you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. We were by me at dinner(clearly!)
        Yes, pets are just adorable. Since I was a child I always had dogs, this is the first time for me owning a cat, let’s hope fpr the best! Have a great day! xx Cris

      • Cris, This New Year, I am looking forward to a blog post about your wonderful New Years Eve in Italy… or maybe all of the great design projects that you have been working on…. or maybe a pet post… Keep up the great blogging! 🙂 We are moving soon, just for a year… so no pets for a couple of years, until we are permanently settled. We miss our old dog, Morgan, a Sealyham Terrier. He very my first pet! Best wishes – Shanna

      • Hello dear! How are you? I miss you and my blog in these days, but i have so many things to do that I could’t even read your new posts! Damn!I have so many things to describe that this year I don’t know from where I have to start!I have to make some order first! I’m glad if my blog can be interesting in the topics 🙂
        I love to share with you my passions…
        Oh, you’re moving again? where? Sounds interesting 🙂 When you’ll be perfectly settled, then I suggest you a new pet, also for the kids. They’re such great companions. Have a great day! XOXO Cris

      • Hi, Cris – I can’t wait to see your posts from the New Year! Your pictures are always so beautiful and tell a story. We aren’t moving for over a year, but we will definitely get a dog then? I hope that you have a great week!!! Best – Shanna

      • Hi Shanna! Finally today I’ve finished to write the 1st post of the Year! How difficult! Thank you for your never-ending support, I really appreciate it. I started blogging just few months ago, so I’m not sure about how “care about” the blog! Eh eh, yes, you’ll one new faithful friend 🙂 Best – Cris

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