Hello, how are you? Hoping that you have a great Holidays’ time! I’ve been “busy” with Christmas’ celebrations, so I had no time to upload the blog. In this day we made some typical recipes, like “anolini” and roast meat (we call it “arrosto”), but i couldn’t take any photo, it’s a bit difficult in this kind of situations…anyway, i would like to share with you the recipes of the Friday night, as usual: it’s my day off at work, so I have time to experiment!
This time I’ve used a typical “salume” (cured meat) that is produced near Parma countryside, and it’s called “Strolghino”. It’s a “salame di culatello” (a pork-thigh salami), with a delicate flavor. I sliced it in cubes, and I used it to garnish the pasta with peas. Before, I cooked the peas in a pot together with minced onions and extra-virgin oil; after i added some cubes of strolghino. (only some cubes, you’ll add the remaining at the end, so you’ll taste the hot and the cold Strolghino in the same dish – photo number 2). During the cooking, I like to squash a bit the peas, to make a velvet sauce that melts in the mouth.

Instead of bread, I prepared some “sfogliatine”, flat puff-pastry bread with potatoes, origano, salt and pepper, cooked in the oven at 200 °C for 15 minutes. So simple and so perfect combined with shrimps.


A friend of mine brought us some fresh shrimps from Sicily .. so the main dish, as you can imagine, were shrimps and pan-fried potatoes, flavoured with parsley, garlic, salt and pepper, and also a bit of grated bread. I have an habit: I put the shrimps (already cleaned) in a food container with cold water, extra-virgin oil and a lemon juice, then I move them in the frypan in the hot olive-oil.

It’s really a simple dinner to make, after all. But I love simple thing, and also genuine food and great “raw materials”. See you next time!Cris