Hello!Happy New Year to all of you! Sorry for not being here during these days, but i was very busy eating (and preparing) any sort of food, visiting parents and friends, and so on .. I’m glad that after today we’ll return to normal routine, because I need time to organize what to write on the blog, of course! I would like to start the year describing our short trip to Lake Como (Lario) and Bellagio. I can’t imagine a better way to start the new year! Every time I travel to some place in Italy, I always discover something new and breathtaking views. I’ve always considered myself a real traveller, who catch every chance to travel, often abroad, but Italy remains my hometown and it’s plenty of places to discover.

Here a short account of our daily trip, with some shots that I took on the way. We took the highway till the exit Como/Chiasso (where is located the frontier post for Switzerland, Como is only 5 km before the boundary line). We start our tour from Bellagio, a tiny village on the lake shore, 35 km far from Como. The panoramic way is a narrow and tight-curved mountain road, that ran along the lake. We took some beautiful shots, even if weather was not really good. I suggest this itinerary because of the beauty of the landscape. It’s an area of ancient villas and tiny town, of acquatic sports and good food and products, like oil, wine, mushroom, and honey.


First of all, we took a tour in Bellagio towncenter, going up and down on the stairs that connect several levels. It’s really characteristic, and i can imagine how many tourists crowd the boutiques and the cafés during spring and summer. All around the town is tidy, clean and welcoming.
With the boats down to the lake shore you can easily join the other side of the lake and visite the other villages. (they take on board also the rented cars, so the excursions are just so easily to organize also by yourself.)


Bellagio is called the “pearl” of Lake Como, cause it’s undoubtedly the most famous resort on the lake. For centuries, its scenic location has enchanted artists and writers, not only from Italy, but also from abroad. It is situated on the tip of a headland that divides the lake into the two “legs” of Como and Lecco.  The town stretches along the coast and part of it goes up the slopes of the promontory.  Because of its location it has a great variety of views; indeed, it offers a good view of the whole lake. Finally, on the northern horizon, you can see the Pre-Alps.

We had lunch in a tiny restaurant in Bellagio, (“Barchetta Restaurant”, I liked the name, – small boat – ) where we tasted some “bruschette” with tomatoes and extra virgin-oil, and I try a specialty of Northern Italy: Pizzoccheri, a type of pasta flavoured with cabbage, potatoes, local cheese and oil. It’s the perfect dish for a cold and windy winter day.

In the afternoon, we returned to Como to take a tour in the citycenter, that is located on the lake shore. The Duomo Square, with one the biggest cathedral of the Northern Italy, surely deserves a visit. The citycenter presents even nowadays the typical aspect of the original roman “castrum-preserved medieval walls  and big observation towers (Porta Torre, Torre Gattoni, San Vitale).


There are many interesting sites to visit meandering through the streets of Como: historical monuments, beautiful villas and breath-taking sights .The historic centre is located inside the ancient city walls where there are many shops and boutiques, and plenty of cafes to rest and enjoy the view. It’s a really pleasant tour to make, I recommend it!Cris