Hello! Exactly one mounth ago (for Christmas) I received a special gift from my darling: a kitten! What a wonderful surprise. He took him in adoption from an old farmer living nearby. He had four kittens to give away freely at some animals-lovers, so he secretly went and choosed one. “A cat is less binding than a dog” Davide said to me “so we’ll have no problem to handle it”. “Maybe he’s right” I thought to myself.
The farmer said to Davide that the cat was a male one; so, we decided for “Patrick” as his fisrt name. (from the TV-series The Mentalist, with Simon Baker playing the role of Patrick Jane as main character)


Immediately we noticed that Patrick it’s quite a “cuddly” cat, he loves warm plaids and slippers, and .. he has a huge appetite: he eat almost all kind of food. Two weeks ago I have brought him to the veterinary for a first general check-up and .. we found that he’s a .. she!A beautiful female kitten! How could it be? Well … I never had a cat before. Since I was a child I growned up with many dogs. So I’m not really “prepared” about cats. I supposed it, regarding some of her “behaviors”, but I was not sure.



Then, we had to find another name. While we both loved the male name, with the female one we had many hesitations. So, one night, overthinking in front of the TV, we discovered by chance that the female character of the series “The Mentalist” (-again!it’s a persecution- you’ll say), Theresa Lisbon, in the real life is named “Robin”. -It’s a sign of fate- we thought, and we renaimed her. Here in Italy “Robin” is a male name: we’ll have some difficulties explaining every time that she’s a female cat, I know; but we like it, so it’s okay.


She has kinda of an aristocratic attitude: cats are so elegant. I like the last photo I took, she seems a decorative object. In these last days she was admitted to the veterinary clinic, cause she had a reaction to the vaccine. But tonight we’ll bring her home, finally. We’ve missed her. So, I must say: Welcome (Home), Robin!


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  3. What an interesting and funny story thinking you have a male cat while it’s really a female. It looks cute. I hope you’re enjoying your new pet. Best wishes!

  4. Ma quant’è carinaaaa! Adorabile cucciola! Il nostro si chiama Spettro, come il lupo di Jon dei guardiani della notte (Game of thrones), piccoli gatti con nomi presi dalla tv!!!

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