Hello to you! Some of you surely know that we’re working of our brand new apartement: the works during these last mounth went on quickly, and now finally we’re entering in the most interesting part: the finishing touches – floors and walls covering, doors, fixtures, furniture, and so on…we’re all excited here!
Now that we’ve taken some choices, I want to show you a bit of our nest : I made severals panels (one for each room) in which I mixed textures, colours, and woods ..I think that the final result will be quite satisfying, don’t you think?


FOR THE KITCHEN: (click on the images to enlarge)
– Bright wood and white cabinets; warm tones tiles;
– Red as predominant colour;
– Funny chairs


– preponderance of natural colours;
– comfy sofa and pouffs;
– consolle table (to gain space, it can be open just in case and it became a 6-8 places table)


– modern essential lines;
– shades of gray jazzed up by orange tones;
– pebbly mosaic tiles (that contains all the shades of gray of the bathroom cabinet and tiles)


– White and beige are the predominant colours, that stand out on the dark-brown parquet;
– Upholstered box bed; cushions of any type and size;
– Accessories (lamp, mirror) have some parts made by natural woods: for a welcoming and relaxing space.


Access rooms are sometimes a bit “overlooked”: still, the hallway it’s as important as the other rooms of our home: we’re thinking about a “seaside setting”: after opening the main door, an outstanding space for us and our visitors: we’ll feel like on holiday every time we’ll go back home.
– ocean blue on the walls;
– white rustic furniture;
–  particular accessories: lanterns, rétro appliques, seascape photos, and a touch of red (with cushions, decorative objects, ecc..)

Now, sure you know a lot about our home project: I would like to know also your first sensations and suggestion about this, since we spent -with enthusiasm- lot of time and energy about this “topic”. See you soon!Cris



Hello!Did you spent a great Valentine’s Day? I did! And I put really much efforts in this cake (so many efforts that I want to show you the few shots I took of the preparation). The mixture is really simply to make, I had to put more attention in the cooking time, because this kind of mixture (similar to a “giant cupcake”)  “increases” really quickly, and growns up in the center, so after you have to flatten the surface of the cake … Anyway, I took a whole afternoon to make it!Davide really appreciated it. I’m so happy. Cake design is really a beautiful word, but you need so many patience (and the right tools) to have good results. (and this is not my case, I love to “extemporize” a lot!)


The mixture is made with farina, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder, vanilla extract, and a bit of grated lemon peel; the mixture is soft and rich, I added to it also some dark chocolate chips. I cooked it in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C. Then, when the cake cooled dowm, I covered it with nutella cream, and then with white sugar paste.


Nutella is not exactly the perfect base for sugar paste, i know, but i put the cake quickly in the fridge, and i payed attention at the temperature of the sugar paste during the making. (if it’s a bit cold it’d better) And, afterall, Nutella is so good, is there anyone that dislikes it?


What do you think of the result? For me it’s beautiful, just only cause I put so much effort and love in it! And you, did you make something with your hands for your sweethearts? Have a great week! Cris


Hello! Finally we’re really close to the 14th February, day of all lovers. Clearly, I’m preparing something for my sweetheart, and I want to share my simple (and fast) idea for this year. (oh my!time’s flying, just few posts ago I was describing my DIY for Christmas …ach!) First of all, you need some cardboards: I made my version with white and green ones, but you can use also pink or red cardboards. To realize it, of course, scissors and glue, a black marker pen, some coloured fabrics, and two or three coloured tapes, ribbons.


I started making some tiny coloured “bags” with fabrics’ remnants: i choosed some with happy colours and patterns.Then, I made tiny sheets (to insert in the tiny bags like a message in a bottle) with sweet messages. I was thinking while writing to tie up the bags with a coloured ribbon, probably I’ll add this final touch at home tonight. (hoping to find a pink and a green tapes)
For the “messages” to insert into the bags, you can choose a quote, or a short poem that you like. Maybe instead of write something, you can add some photos, or a sequence of photos. Everything will be ok, every word and moment that you’ve shared together!


To realize the inside of the card, I took a piece of fuchsia cotton fabric and I fixed it on a white cardboard. The fuchsia will be the frame for the page in which I’ll write my love message. (this time I used a piece of fabric, but it’s ok also a coloured cardboard)


Finally, I had to finish the cards “outside”, fixing the bags on the cardboard with the glue, and putting the tiny “messages” inside the bags; I decorated the cards with crayons for the final touch.


Happy Valentine’s Day to You All! Cris


Hello! Hoping that you’re doing well! Me, I’m trying from three days to publish a brand new post, but still I didin’t finish anything yet! It’s frustrating. I make a draft of two articles, and still I didn’t publish them…
But today, reading MakeUpRainbow post, one of my blog-contacts, I take a peek at Bloglovin, and I finished insert also my blog, it seems funny!
And I discovered also many nice new design blogs, in the next days I’ll have something new to read! I started searching for some of you, and other blogs that I follow daily, but I can’t search you all, so if you’re on Bloglovin, if you wish please add me.Thank you! (I found so many cute Bloglovin buttons, I can’t choose only one!)

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Stay tuned for the next posts (very very soon, I hope!)



Hello! Finally a bit of time to cook a delicious soup in this cold winter day (finally we had some snow!) I’ve been a little busy with some tiring problems at work, so a hot soup is exactly what I need to warm me up and lift the spirit!Here the recipe:



– 200 gr spelt
– 150 gr pinto beans   prezzemolo olio,sale e pepe quanto basta
– 2 carrots
– 1 big onion
– 2 sticks of celery
– 200 gr potatoes (or two big)
– parsley
– salt&pepper
– extra-virgin olive oil


First of all, cut the onion, the sticks of celery and the carrots in tiny cubes, put them in the casserole and add some extra-virgin olive oil. Let them make golden for some minute. After, add also the potatoes (always in cubes) and the pinto beans (already boiled). Blend a little and then cover the casserole with a litre of hot water, going on with the cooking. When vegetables are ready, put them in the mixer, till you’ll obtain a hefty, rich cream.
The following step is to wash the spelt. (for this recipe, I used a kind of parboiled spelt, so i didn’t have to put it in the water for hours first.)

Take it a bit in the water, then put it in the vegetables’ cream, melting from time to time, following the cooking for others 20-25 minutes.
In Italy, cooking vegetables, sometimes we add some “brodo di dado”, that means “broth made from bouillon cubes”, to enrich the flavour. I don’t use it really often, and if I use it, it’s always “half portion”, cause I don’t like to cover the vegetables flavour. However, if you wish, add it only near the end of the cooking. The flavours will remain “separated”. To make the soup more tasty, you can use also some “pancetta” (bacon) smalll pieces, the’ll melt in the cream.

Finally, add salt, pepper, and parsley if you like it, with a sip of extra-virgin olive oil. I served the soup with a bread with olive-oil, flavoured with tiny pieces of rosemary leaves.
This is my version of the soup, but sure you could use other vegetables, like zucchini, or tomatoes. I’ll make some experiment next times!

Buon Appetito!