Hello! Finally a bit of time to cook a delicious soup in this cold winter day (finally we had some snow!) I’ve been a little busy with some tiring problems at work, so a hot soup is exactly what I need to warm me up and lift the spirit!Here the recipe:



– 200 gr spelt
– 150 gr pinto beans   prezzemolo olio,sale e pepe quanto basta
– 2 carrots
– 1 big onion
– 2 sticks of celery
– 200 gr potatoes (or two big)
– parsley
– salt&pepper
– extra-virgin olive oil


First of all, cut the onion, the sticks of celery and the carrots in tiny cubes, put them in the casserole and add some extra-virgin olive oil. Let them make golden for some minute. After, add also the potatoes (always in cubes) and the pinto beans (already boiled). Blend a little and then cover the casserole with a litre of hot water, going on with the cooking. When vegetables are ready, put them in the mixer, till you’ll obtain a hefty, rich cream.
The following step is to wash the spelt. (for this recipe, I used a kind of parboiled spelt, so i didn’t have to put it in the water for hours first.)

Take it a bit in the water, then put it in the vegetables’ cream, melting from time to time, following the cooking for others 20-25 minutes.
In Italy, cooking vegetables, sometimes we add some “brodo di dado”, that means “broth made from bouillon cubes”, to enrich the flavour. I don’t use it really often, and if I use it, it’s always “half portion”, cause I don’t like to cover the vegetables flavour. However, if you wish, add it only near the end of the cooking. The flavours will remain “separated”. To make the soup more tasty, you can use also some “pancetta” (bacon) smalll pieces, the’ll melt in the cream.

Finally, add salt, pepper, and parsley if you like it, with a sip of extra-virgin olive oil. I served the soup with a bread with olive-oil, flavoured with tiny pieces of rosemary leaves.
This is my version of the soup, but sure you could use other vegetables, like zucchini, or tomatoes. I’ll make some experiment next times!

Buon Appetito!



    • Thank you to you, Mélanie, to stopping by, and have a great week-end you too!Thanks for the link, so beautiful recipes! Hoping to have some time to read the page accurately.

    • Hello dear, yes, a perfect winter soup! Really, it’s difficult to find spelt? Here it’s a really common and cheap ingredient. If you can find it, it worth a try!

  1. This is a delicious soup recipe! I always start my soup with carrots and celery (and garlic!) – it makes a great base for any soup. This dish looks so hearty and filling with the delicious pinto beans (delicious!) and substantial potatoes. Spelt is so healthy, too! Stay warm, Cris. It is snowing LOTS in New Mexico right now! Warmest wishes, Shanna 🙂

    • Hello Shanna, welcome back! I missed you 😉
      Yes, me too, I start always with carrots and celery (just perfect .. it’s also the start for a bolognese ragù sauce, you know?), but here we use more onion than garlic. (i love garlic, too.) I know that this soup would have been perfect for you, because you have to use pinto beans!I saw on TV that in USA you’re having bad weather and lots of snow and frost!Stay warm you too!Hugs – Cris

      • Yes, lots of snow here. I love bolognese and mine also starts with carrots and celery and onion. Did you know that you can use shallot for a garlic-onion ingredient in one? It has such a lovely flavor. Take care! How’s your weather! Best – Shanna

      • Hello dear! Hoping that you aren’t “stopped” by so much snow…Yes, I love shallot, too! It has a great flavor! Also in Italy we use it really much. Have a great week-end!Best – Cris

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