Hello! Hoping that you’re doing well! Me, I’m trying from three days to publish a brand new post, but still I didin’t finish anything yet! It’s frustrating. I make a draft of two articles, and still I didn’t publish them…
But today, reading MakeUpRainbow post, one of my blog-contacts, I take a peek at Bloglovin, and I finished insert also my blog, it seems funny!
And I discovered also many nice new design blogs, in the next days I’ll have something new to read! I started searching for some of you, and other blogs that I follow daily, but I can’t search you all, so if you’re on Bloglovin, if you wish please add me.Thank you! (I found so many cute Bloglovin buttons, I can’t choose only one!)

follow me on bloglovin

Stay tuned for the next posts (very very soon, I hope!)



2 thoughts on “LET’S TRY … BLOGLOVIN!

  1. Hi Cris – Good luck with Blog Lovin. I would add you on there, but I don’t use it. I tried it for a could of days a few months ago, but deleted my account. Have a lovely day. Julie

    • Hello dear, thank you! It seems good, I have to test it for a while probably … I’ll let you know what I think of it!Thanks for your kindness. Happy Wednesday to you! Cris

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