Hello! Finally we’re really close to the 14th February, day of all lovers. Clearly, I’m preparing something for my sweetheart, and I want to share my simple (and fast) idea for this year. (oh my!time’s flying, just few posts ago I was describing my DIY for Christmas …ach!) First of all, you need some cardboards: I made my version with white and green ones, but you can use also pink or red cardboards. To realize it, of course, scissors and glue, a black marker pen, some coloured fabrics, and two or three coloured tapes, ribbons.


I started making some tiny coloured “bags” with fabrics’ remnants: i choosed some with happy colours and patterns.Then, I made tiny sheets (to insert in the tiny bags like a message in a bottle) with sweet messages. I was thinking while writing to tie up the bags with a coloured ribbon, probably I’ll add this final touch at home tonight. (hoping to find a pink and a green tapes)
For the “messages” to insert into the bags, you can choose a quote, or a short poem that you like. Maybe instead of write something, you can add some photos, or a sequence of photos. Everything will be ok, every word and moment that you’ve shared together!


To realize the inside of the card, I took a piece of fuchsia cotton fabric and I fixed it on a white cardboard. The fuchsia will be the frame for the page in which I’ll write my love message. (this time I used a piece of fabric, but it’s ok also a coloured cardboard)


Finally, I had to finish the cards “outside”, fixing the bags on the cardboard with the glue, and putting the tiny “messages” inside the bags; I decorated the cards with crayons for the final touch.


Happy Valentine’s Day to You All! Cris



    • Hello Shanna!Welcome back! Thank you for your compliments. You’re right, I could use them for the truffles 😉
      Last December I couldn’t make the confections, but this year I can try! Happy Valentine’s Day also to you!Hugs – Cris

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