Hello!Did you spent a great Valentine’s Day? I did! And I put really much efforts in this cake (so many efforts that I want to show you the few shots I took of the preparation). The mixture is really simply to make, I had to put more attention in the cooking time, because this kind of mixture (similar to a “giant cupcake”)  “increases” really quickly, and growns up in the center, so after you have to flatten the surface of the cake … Anyway, I took a whole afternoon to make it!Davide really appreciated it. I’m so happy. Cake design is really a beautiful word, but you need so many patience (and the right tools) to have good results. (and this is not my case, I love to “extemporize” a lot!)


The mixture is made with farina, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder, vanilla extract, and a bit of grated lemon peel; the mixture is soft and rich, I added to it also some dark chocolate chips. I cooked it in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°C. Then, when the cake cooled dowm, I covered it with nutella cream, and then with white sugar paste.


Nutella is not exactly the perfect base for sugar paste, i know, but i put the cake quickly in the fridge, and i payed attention at the temperature of the sugar paste during the making. (if it’s a bit cold it’d better) And, afterall, Nutella is so good, is there anyone that dislikes it?


What do you think of the result? For me it’s beautiful, just only cause I put so much effort and love in it! And you, did you make something with your hands for your sweethearts? Have a great week! Cris


13 thoughts on “SWEET VALENTINE

    • Hi dear!How are you!Yeah, Nutella, like dark chocolate too, it’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day, every year I think at something new to make but in the end I always use also Nutella…I’m hopeless 😉

    • Grazieee!La tua opinione vale doppio per me, dato che sei così brava con i dolci 😉
      Devo dire che in principio la Nutella ti mette un po’ in difficoltà sotto la pasta di zucchero .. ma il sapore merita, davvero! A presto!Cris

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