Hello!Spring is finally here! Nature is blooming all around, showing us her beautiful pastel colours. I love spring, the nature wakes up bringing to us such beautiful colours, melted with flavours and scent of flowers’ blossom. For me spring means “pastel colours”, in every declination. As if we have to wake up too from winter, we need colours to stimulate brain and body. Colours that are the same in home interiors like in fashion, as well. Have you ever noticed that nature gives us some suggestions? If you’re in doubt with a combo of colours, you just have to watch all around you the seasons changing. As an Interior Designer, i’ve a quite well-trained eye to combine hues and gradations: I just love it, and I have lot of fun when i do this kind of things.. But, at the very beginning, when I started my work path, the most important thing was to observe everything, to assimilate every picture on home magazines. To cut-off and store the pictures that cought my eye, and take notes about why they caught my attention: these are still nowadays a pretty unlimited source of inspiration for me. Take a look at this photos below: I just took some notes over the colours that are present in each photos.I choose only 5-6 colours for each picture, but the hues of the same colours are just unlimited.

corda rosa


You have to refresh the complements in your home? I think these three models are just good enough.If you don’t need to make a full restyle, pick some colours for cushions, curtains, tableclothes, and so on.. your home will be all dressed-up for spring!

bianco blu

It’s extremely important to know that every colours has an effect over our mood, and they have the power to make us feel at ease and relaxed, or bad and insatisfied. This is also one of the principles of Feng-Shui, a discipline that teach us in which quantities we can use the colours, which are the colours made for the living room, for example, and which are no good for bedrooms. It may be obvious, but it’s not simple to combine colours and materials, every choice has a reason. The concepts are clear and rigorous, but frequently Feng Shui is applied unconsciously. However, Feng Shui is an elaborate topic, with its meanings and symbolism, so I’ll explain it better in a dedicated post. This are the meanings associated with the principal colours for Feng-Shui, with some suggestion to use them.

Maybe the most used colour for the walls, white is a ductile and pratic colour. Sometimes, if used too much, it may cause a sense of cold and monotony. A great device is to give the colour a light-warm hue, like beige or yellow, to warm up the ambience. Another good idea is to mix white with a pinch of silver, cause white is also the colours associated with metals. White and metals are just great combined with a room in which you have a lot of wood.
Born from the mixture of blue and yellow, it’s a relaxing colour. Green is associated with nature, with the open spaces, and with the trees that provide us oxygen. It’s a colour that allows us to clear up the mind. In its lightest hues, it’s recommended also for the bedroom, and for relaxing spaces.The darkest tones must be use with parsimony.
A powerfull colour that means “passion”. Passion is fundamental in our life, but like all the feelings (and the colours), has to be moderated. Passion and strenght, infact, may flow into a distructive feeling, which could oppress the people. Light red and pink can create a relaxing and harmonious effect, so it’s ok to use it also in bedrooms or restrooms. Dark tones of red are not recommended for resting, they’re too intense.Lilac is great also for the living room, it stimulate communication and sociability between people.
Colour that evokes the sun, it gives warm and energy. Warm tones are great for the kitchen, and also for livingroom, in a lighter tone. On the contrary, it’s a too intense colour for bedrooms or restrooms .
Feng Shui generally does not recommend the use of cold tones, except for light hues. Blue represents the deep of feelings, but the risk is to “navigate” too much in our interior world, so sometimes it brings to melancholy.

 Happy Colours’ Mix to You All!Cris


4 thoughts on “IN THE MOOD FOR SPRING

  1. I am ready for some beautiful, Spring colors, too! 🙂 What splendid color palettes. 🙂 There is something about the shades and hues of the colors that you selected that speaks to me: subtle but poignant. Not too bring and elegant.

    • Hi dear, you’re feeling better? Eh eh! We’re finally in spring, yes!Thank you for your kind words.
      I was not sure to publish this post, anyway. I took some extra-time to make the palettes and to write a short text, but with some concepts. Glad that you liked it. XOXO Cris

  2. Che splendide palette di colori! È bello rinnovare la casa con la nuova stagione e a volte inserire anche solo un nuovo complemento d’arredo modifica totalmente l’energia degli spazi. Un saluto. Laura

    • Ciao Laura, sì, hai proprio ragione! così come ci rinnoviamo nell’abbigliamento, è facile “rinfrescare” un po’ anche gli ambienti di casa, per trarre nuove energie dai colori della bella stagione. Spero di avervi lanciato qualche idea 😉 A presto!Un saluto!Cristina

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