Hello! Last Friday I wanted to eat a good risotto, so I made a short version of risotto with shrimps, using the few ingredients I had at home. Risotto is just a great alternative to pasta dishes, I like it so much. The taste of this risotto is really delicate, with a light scent of lemon, and it’s perfect also for who doesn’t really like fish. Here the recipe:


– rice arborio 360 gr.
– shrimps (already cleaned) 250-300 gr.
– 1 lt vegetal broth
– extra-virgin olive oil
– half onion
– one lemon
– butter 40 gr.
– chopped vegetables mix of carrots, celery, zucchini (if you like them), onion
– chopped mix of parsley, rosemary, garlic, salt
– salt and pepper



First of all, there are two things to make: to chop the vegetables in bits (carrots, celery, zucchini, few onion), and put the shrimps (already cleaned) into a food container full of water, extra-virgin oil and lemon juice (in equal parts). Leave the shrimps in this “solution” for a while. In the meantime, you’ll start preparing the risotto: peel and chop finely one onion, then fry it over low heat together with extra-virgin olive oil for some minutes. After that, you’ll add the rice, and you’ll let it toast for some minutes. If you wish, you can simmer it with white wine, then add some lemon juice. Keep on blending till the end of the cooking (more or less 30 minutes), adding a ladle of vegetal broth every time is necessary.


At the same time, put the chopped vegetables in a separated frying pan; let them cook for a while, then add the shrimps (taken out from the water and dried) to the vegetables; flavour them with a finely chopped mix of parsley, rosemary, garlic, salt. When rice is ready, you can finally mix it together with the vegetables and the shrimps.Then remove it from the stove; add the butter to the rice, and keep cooking until creamy (in Italy we use the verb “mantecare”). If you wish, you can add some lemon peel. Finally, garnish the dish with some shrimps (previously taken apart), the vegetables and black pepper. 

Buon Appetito!Cris



    • Thank you to you to stopping by!If you try the recipe, please let me know if you liked it. I made it just ’cause I hadn’t so many ingredients… Have a gret day!:D Cris

    • Hello! ah, North Cyprus, I’ve been there some years ago.. It’s a simple recipe, you could make it also with other kind of rice, possibly not basmati. See you soon! Cris

    • Hello, welcome to you! Yes, it’s simple to make after all, but the taste is really delicate.
      If you try it, let me know if you like it! Have a great day!Cris

  1. Risotto done well is a wonderful thing. What purpose is the “solution” for the shrimp? It sounds like it would “detoxify” them to bring out a fresher flavor? Color me intrigued. You might want to link this back to the Novice Gardener’s sight so Angie is sure to know you are there.

    Thanks for joining the party. Salute.

    • Hello, welcome! Yes, you’re right, nothing is better than a good risotto. the “solution” of water, oil and lemon juice is also to “detoxify”, but in the same time it gives to shrimps a great taste when cooked in the frypan, apart from risotto. (it’s wonderful also for shrimps skewers – it exalts the fresh shellfish flavour)
      Sure, Angie already now that i’m in! I’m glad to join the party!Thank you! See ya!Cris

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