Hello! Lately I’m short in the time to make some cooking experiment, because of our transfer. Now i have my brand new kitchen to experience, so last Friday I’ve realized a simple fish menù, a combo of baked fish with vegetables, and the classic fritto misto. Unluckily, I had no time last week to post it to Fiesta Friday, however … Buon appetito!


– 200/250 gr shrimps or mazzancolle, already cleaned;
– 4 seabass fillet;
– 200/250 gr squid rings;
– extra-virgin olive oil
– lemon juice;
– chopped parsley, rosemary, garlic;
– salt&pepper
– red pepper (optional)



A great classic during summer dinners: i could eat them one after another no-stop. First of all, I put the shrimps in a bowl with water, extra-virgin oil and lemon succo: let the shrimps absorb the liquid: it gives the shrimps a great flavour when grilled. After that, pass the shrimps in the grated bread, flavoured with the chopped mix of parsley, rosemary, garlic, and red pepper if you like it. Warm up the grill and cook the spiedini.



In the meanwhile I prepared the seabass fillets: I put them on the baking pan and flavour them with extra-virgin oilve oil, salt &pepper; then I covered the fish with potatoes -already stewed- and i add on the surface salt, pepper and the chopped mix of parsley, rosemary and garlic. Then I cook them in the oven at 190-200 °C for 10 minutes.


Finally, the “fritto misto”: a simple gourmand dish, but you have to be careful while preparing it. First of all, the squids and the shrimps have to be dry, not watery, otherwise you couldn’t cover them in flour properly. Use grain flour 00 type, or if you like it, corn flour. In the meanwhile, prepare the cooking oil -I tried also deep-frying with extra-virgin oil, the result is just great – and let it warm up. When it reaches the right temperature, you can start frying the fish: take the shrimps and the calamari, little by little, and put them in the hot oil: let them deep-frying for 2-3 minutes.





Hello! This morning I was cleaning my pc and I started looking at the photos of Puffy, the dog of my parents. I realized that i never presented Puffy on my blog, so I have to amend! You all have sure understood that in my family we love animals. Any kind. Since I was a child I grown-up together with several “companions”. Nowadays we live with Robin the cat, and for me is the first time living with a cat. I must say that having a dog is so much more demanding. And I’m realizing only now that having a dog or a cat is different, but they’re both two beautiful experiences.
Anyway, I would like to present you Puffy! Puffy was not in the works, I must say. The night of the Christmas’ Eve, last year, after the dinner together with all the relatives, we found a white dog bin fornt of the door of my Granny’s home: we realized that she was lost, she was lonely and trembling, and she accepted all our snuggles. My little sister, Arianna, asked to my mother to bring her home, give her some food, and the day after starting to search the owners. The day after my parents found a notice about a dog missing in the streets near my Granny’s house, and they could finally call the owners of Meggie. (this was the name of the dog)


My sister was disappointed, indeed: she thought that Meggie would remain with her, and then she begged my Mom -for days- to bring home a white dog just like Meggie. Finally this dog arrived in January, and Arianna call him Puffy. (he seems a fluffy cloud, indeed) In my experience, dogs are wonderful: they give you all the affection you can imagine, and they’re connected with your moods: they have a very close connection with the owner. Between my sister and Puffy, it was love at first sight: the first days, the dog didn’t leave Arianna even for a minute.


The beginning of a life together is always exciting: the dog has to discover his new home, and keep in touch with his new family. Puffy choose “the master” of the home in few time: he understand quickly that Arianna would be is playmate, but his master became my mother, the center of the family.


For my mother was easy to became attached to Puffy: with his cute face and the good nature, she passed initially a bunch of time with the dog. Nowadays they have learned to stay separate for a while, but my mother, like Arianna, is always unhappy to leave the dog at home when they have to go somewhere.



Regarding myself, i discovered some things about this race, the Maltese (i never had one before): he’s a peaceable dog, but lively. He gets on well with children, he’s not shy or aggressive with strangers. The male Maltese has more energy, he likes to play and joking around: he has a strong passion for slippers and for garbage – he tries everytime to rummage into the trash bag.- He’s curious, but indeed not really brave: if he hear an unknow sound, he runs straight between my mother’s legs. His real shortcoming is the stubbornness: it doesn’t count how many times you try to teach him something, he will always make as he please. However…Welcome Puffy, my parents love you just in the way you are!



Hello!Finally it seems that we’re well placed in our brand new home, I’m satisfied! Summer is arrived and, as you surely know, I’m in a good mood ’cause it’s my favourite season of the year: I never get tired of sun, sea and sunsets. Of course also in our home we could bring a little piece of summer… how? With the ideas that i found searching on the magazines and in Internet, they’re quite simple after all, but really suggestive!
Since I was a child, for me summer was strictly connected to searching seashells on the seashore… and with my mother, I took the habit to collect them, and store them in small pots on the cupboard.

Small pots of fruit compote are perfect for build some homemade decoration: I use often sand (also coloured), pebbles, pieces or cutted rope, seashells, starfish, and so on…isn’t it a stylish and simple decor idea?

Also building a starfish and seashells garland is a good idea: you can place it on a door, on a panel in a corridor, as centerpiece…and also you’ll not miss your souvenirs of some special holidays.

Like always, cushions are great protagonist of our home: why not refresh our home style with brand new “marine” cushion? I found these on “Pottery Barn”site, they have a bunch of beautiful decorations: really inspiring, I’m all worked up in these days thinking at the best choices for my own home.

Surfing on the net, i found also some beautiful vases, with the colours of the waves of the ocean, they reminds me to last year in Fuerteventura: i’m totally in love with them. They’re really elegant and in different shapes. 2

In the end, last but not least, the original navy, or coastal style must have some blue-striped element: beautiful carpets and cushions, but also bedcovers and curtains, to recreate a piece of seaside in a corner of our home: soo relaxing and refreshing!

summer combos

Here the colours combos deduced by these images: if you click on the images there are the links at the furniture sites from which I took inspiration.



Unbelievable! The Blog Around the Corner, little by little, increases and gain awards… i’m quite impressed by all the rewards that you’re confering me, and at the same time I’m so happy, ’cause they show me all your appreciation. I’m glad that so many people share the same hobby and passions as me! Many many thanks again! This time I’ve to thank a great NotSoCreativeCook: how could I say? I share with her the passion for photography and good food – she makes amazing cupcakes and little glorious staff like that – and also the passion for reading, so for some sides we’re similar.Thank you Juhls for thinking at me for this award!


The Rules:

  1. Thank the persons who nominated you
  2. Include a link to their blogs
  3. Nominate 10/15 other bloggers for the award
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself

Moving on with the award, I give you another set of seven random facts about me:

  1. I began cooking watching my mother and my granny: at the very beginning I prepared the omelettes (like everyone!), then growing up I discover my passion for sweets, cupcakes, cakes, and so on, and for cooking in general.
  2. My favourite time of the year is summer, of course! I love hot, sunny days.
  3. Between me and my little sister there are 17 years of difference.
  4. I wish to visit Japan someday, i’m really fascinated by the culture and the traditions of this country.
  5. Speaking of travels, i wish to make a world tour in 80-90 days. I have only to find the time to organize it!
  6. When I was a teenager, i was really a tomboy: I stayed always with guys, i played football rather than volleyball, and so on.. now I think I’m improved a little bit..aha!
  7. I love Tuscany, and whenever is possible we pass a day or a week-end there. I love tuscan countryside, food, art … all! I would live there!

And for the nominees, it’s my pleasure to pass the ‘Versatile Award’ to these wonderful bloggers. Like always, you can participate only if you wish, someone may already received this award, but please accept it as my symbol of appreciation for your work. Congrats to all of you!


CONGRATULATIONS again to the nominees. And if you’ve some time, go meet Juhls on her great blog! Cris