Hello!Finally it seems that we’re well placed in our brand new home, I’m satisfied! Summer is arrived and, as you surely know, I’m in a good mood ’cause it’s my favourite season of the year: I never get tired of sun, sea and sunsets. Of course also in our home we could bring a little piece of summer… how? With the ideas that i found searching on the magazines and in Internet, they’re quite simple after all, but really suggestive!
Since I was a child, for me summer was strictly connected to searching seashells on the seashore… and with my mother, I took the habit to collect them, and store them in small pots on the cupboard.

Small pots of fruit compote are perfect for build some homemade decoration: I use often sand (also coloured), pebbles, pieces or cutted rope, seashells, starfish, and so on…isn’t it a stylish and simple decor idea?

Also building a starfish and seashells garland is a good idea: you can place it on a door, on a panel in a corridor, as centerpiece…and also you’ll not miss your souvenirs of some special holidays.

Like always, cushions are great protagonist of our home: why not refresh our home style with brand new “marine” cushion? I found these on “Pottery Barn”site, they have a bunch of beautiful decorations: really inspiring, I’m all worked up in these days thinking at the best choices for my own home.

Surfing on the net, i found also some beautiful vases, with the colours of the waves of the ocean, they reminds me to last year in Fuerteventura: i’m totally in love with them. They’re really elegant and in different shapes. 2

In the end, last but not least, the original navy, or coastal style must have some blue-striped element: beautiful carpets and cushions, but also bedcovers and curtains, to recreate a piece of seaside in a corner of our home: soo relaxing and refreshing!

summer combos

Here the colours combos deduced by these images: if you click on the images there are the links at the furniture sites from which I took inspiration.




    • Hi Mandy! Here in Italy summer is just starting, so I’m so happy! Finally we can spend more time outside and go to the beach 😉
      Save this ideas for the next year.Great week-end also to you!xoxo Cris

    • Hi Liz, thank you to you for stopping by! I was waiting for summer, and now that it’s finally here, i feel like I would refresh a bit my home..I’m glad that you like these ideas!

  1. Beautiful! Such a shame we have to make choices… they’re all so gorgeous and summery. 🙂 I think I’m partial to the gorgeous vases. I can just imagine how lovely simple wildflowers would look in the beautiful colors they offer.

    • Thank you, Nancy, welcome back! You’re right, when I have to choose something for my home i’m always in doubt..i want them all! 😉
      The vases are just great in all the green and blue hue, so refreshing! I’m glad that you stopped by!I love to know what do you prefere.

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