Oh my! In this period I have really few time to cook and post right away on the blog…i miss your impressions and advices. Anyway, summer is a great season for texting finger foods and appetizers during dinners with friends!


Last time I prepared a classic italian appetizer: the famous “bruschetta”. Everyone in the world knows it. I love simple and genuine food, and bruschetta is one of my favourite appetizers, i never get tired of this. To prepare it, I put some slices of bread in a fry-pan with a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil, and garlic, if you like the flavour. I made the bread golden, then I chopped the tomatoes in tiny pieces, flavouring them with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano.



In the meanwhile, i put some cannellini white beans in a fry-pan, and i let them cook over low flame; they will became creamy and perfect to spread on the bread. I suggest to prepare some fried pancetta slices (or bacon) to chop into small pieces and add to the cannellini beans: a tasty and tempting duo, isn’t it? I completed the appetizer with a pair of breadsticks rolled in a pancetta slice. For the quantities: I used two big tomatoes and two cannellini can with 5-6 slices of pancetta, for 4 persons.


I served the appetizer with a simply side-dish: pan-fried zucchini and potatoes slices. I sliced them finely to let them became crunchy. Easy way to cook in the hot summer evenings, isn’t it? Buon Appetito!