Hello! I was impatient to start with this new topic on my blog, and it’s with great pleasure that today I start talking to you about some fine restaurant of my surroundings: this time I’ll bring you in the heart of Parma, from Sorelle Picchi, a fine restaurant-salumeria in the city center.



As you can see, it’s not only a restaurant, but also a shop of typical products like Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and Salame Strolghino. I must say that worth a try also the Parmigiano Cheese: we saw many Spanish and English people literally devour it, and going also for seconds.


We stay there for dinner, choosing a classic appetizer and two different main dish. We eat outside, in the fresh air of the evening. The restaurant is in the city center, in a tranquil street, and you can reach it at the end of a pleasant stroll. The appetizer was a typical selection of cold cuts: Culatello, Prosciutto Crudo, Salame Strolghino, Coppa e Pancetta – they call it “Oro di Parma” -, served with Torta Fritta, small pieces of salted fried pasta. Just heavenly!


For the main dish we choosed a Risotto alla Giuseppe Verdi and a dish of Cappelletti Pasticciati. Ill try to explain you the two dishes-both delicious-; Cappelletti are similar to tortellini, it’s a different kind of stuffed pasta. The filling is really rich: it contains basically a mix of whipped pork loin, turkey and parmigiano reggiano. Cappelletti are served with a classic ragù (meat and tomatoes sauce).


The Risotto Giuseppe Verdi is as rich of ingredients as well: it’s a creamy risotto prepared with fresh ingredients like asparagus, and sometimes chopped mushrooms and carrots, like in this case; the final touch are the slices of Culatello of Parma, a fine cold cut obtained by the back thigh of the pork.


What can I say? It was a great culinary experience. It’s great to appreciate such delicacies of our surroundings. Tasting these flavours made me feel “at home”. If you could visit Parma, give it a try! Buon Appetito!



  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely restaurant and dinner with us. That shop is soooo beautiful. I imagine if you shop there you could recreate of lot of the restaurant’s fine dishes.

    • Hello Hilda! Thanks to you to stopping by! You’re right, the shop is just wonderful, and with such ingredients of quality you’re tempted to recreate the restaurant dishes: I’ll try for sure to make the risotto on my own 🙂

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