Hello to you all! I’m finally back from a beautiful holiday in Cabo Verde, I’m so excited to tell you all of my brand new great travel experience! First of all, I have to say that I used some time during holidays to reorganize a bit my blog, let me tell you a pair of news:

– You can now translate the blog in other languages thanks to Google Translator: you’ll find the link to the translation page in the column on the right under “TRANSLATE THE BLOG” : click to translate and enjoy every week the new topics!

– I’ve updated the right answers concerning myself about the BlogAward “Credi di avermi messo a fuoco?” of some time ago, if someone is interested… now you could satisfy your curiosity!

– Yesterday, WordPress kindly told to me that, one year ago, I was starting my blogging adventure: it has been a great year, full of satisfaction!I want to send you all a special thanks for following me: reading your blogs made me really inspired and motivated for my own blog!

– I’ve to thank Francesca for the new award she assigned to me: the “Inspiring Blog Award”: like I said to her, i’m just one more time so surprised of the preference accorded to my blog… I’m joyfully speechless!



1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.
3. Share seven things about you.
4. Nominate up to 10/15  bloggers for the award, provide a link to their blogs in your post and notify them on their blogs.


– I like theatre and cinema: I like to hear stories, it’s so fascinating;
– I read a lot of books -minimum one for week -;
– I have no tattoos;
– I like to draw mangas;
– I would like to learn another foreign language;
– I like to drive listening to the music;
– Hand-knitting is not my best!

Here my “nominees list”, which every day inspire me to keep blogging with diligence. To the nominees, I have to say “Compliments for your great work.” Your blog are all great and I can’t make a classification, all the blogs I choosed are equally gorgeous. Like always, you can participate only if you wish, someone may already received this award, but please accept it as my symbol of appreciation for your work. Congrats again to all of you!

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12 thoughts on “BACK FROM HOLIDAY … SIGH!

  1. Buongiorno Crist, proprio io mi ero persa questo tuoa rticolo. Nominare il tuo blog è stato davvero un piacere ….anche ora che lo rivedo mi viene voglia di ripartire immediatamente per viaggi avventurosi. Un caro saluto

  2. we say in French:”toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin…” – all and any good(pleasant) ‘stuff’ has an end… 🙂 bon courage et un splendide septembre! à presto, Mélanie

  3. Welcome back and congratulations on winning the award. I am learning two languages, German and French…so cool. You should start…happy learning!

    • Hello Liz, thank you! I speak English and French, I remember something about German (not too much, indeed), but i would like to study Spanish or something more difficult like Japanese or Chinese. I’ve to choose one of them, first!

  4. Ciao Cris, ti ringrazio molto per aver scelto il mio blog per questo premio, ne sono felice ed onorata! Ben tornata dalle vacanze e augurissimi per il primo anno del tuo blog! 😀 Un saluto. Laura

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