Hello! I’ve been away for two weeks and it’s a lot of time for the blog, i know: but sure I can say that I have quite new topics to tell you about. This is the second appointment with “Restaurant Review” and this time we’ll go to Lucca, in Tuscany.We spent last Saturday in Lucca and we took lunch to Gli Orti di Via Elisa, a simple but elegant typical restaurant, with a great all-white dehors. The atmosphere all around was really cozy.



Looking at the menu, we hesitated a bit about the dishes to choose (too many good things!).We started with two simple appetizers: a typical tomato bruschetta with extra-virgin olive oil, and a delicato mushroom flan, with a potatoes cream. I love flans because they have both a delicate and rich flavour, and after all, they’re simply to make, with a variety of ingredients. The ingredients in this one were chopped so finely that they melted in the mouth:just heavenly!


Then, we choosed two main dishes: a typical spelt soup, creamy and hot, enriched with smashed pinto beans, served rigorously without cheese, but with hot and fragrant bread. I opted for a risotto with vegetables, really tasting and creamy.


After the main dishes, finally a great dessert: they proposed to us artigianale ice-cream, and a chocolate mousse with whipped cream: oh my!I would eat it again right now!


It’s not a secret that I love unconditionally Tuscan cooking: I like the use they make of the vegetables, and how they are able to enrich very simple ingredients of their surroundings and create always a special tasting dish. When I go to Tuscany, I always feel at home.