Hello!Finally some time to make “experiments” with cooking!For this Friday I made a very simple appetizer, fagottini filled with shrimps and potatoes. I found a confection of pasta phillo at the fish market, so i had the temptation to try to make this common appetizer on my own. (i never tried before, i only tasted them at the restaurant or watched some recipes somewhere)

INGREDIENTS: (for 10-12 fagottini)

– 1 confection of pasta fillo 250 gr;
– 150-200 gr shrimps (already cleaned)
– 2 big potatoes
– some parsley (important to hold some parsley stem by)
– extra-virgin olive oil
– salt&pepper (or other spices, if you like)


First of all, take out of the fridge the phillo pasta, a couple of hour before you use it; in the meanwhile, cook the potatoes (without peel) in the salted hot water till they’re boiled; took out the water in excess (squeezing them a bit) and let them cool down; in another frypan, chop finely the shrimps and cook them with extra-virgin olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper.


When shrimps are ready, spread out the phillo pasta sheets and put the stuffing (shrimps with potatoes) in the center of the sheets, paying attention not to rip up the phillo pasta underlying (my advice is to brush the pasta with an egg yolk); to close the fagottino, took the extremities of the sheet and bring them together towards the center; in the meanwhile, took a parsley stem (without leaves) and tie the fagottino. Cook the fagottini in the oven for 10 minutes at 180° C, till they become golden.


Buon Appetito!