Hello! Two weeks ago I found on this blog this fantastic recipe: a cake (no cooking time needed) with nutella, cream and hazelnuts: I could’nt resist anymore, i’ve to try it for this FiestaFriday! This is my version of the recipe:


INGREDIENTS: for a 22 cm (diameter) ring shaped mould

– 250 gr nutella cream;
– 200 gr fresh cream;
– 3 cups of coffee (no sugar needed);
– a pack of dried biscuits;
– chopped hazelnuts as needed for the decoration


First of all, you could start preparing the coffee – two or three cups, no need to add sugar in it.- After that, it’s time to whip the cream. In the meanwhile, it’s better to warm up the nutella in a bain-marie to make it smoother.


It’s important to leave apart a small quantity of nutella for the final decoration on the top of the cake. Then add the nutella to the cream, melting it delicately with movements from the bottom to the top.
Pour the coffee in a bowl and add half glass of water (or milk) and mix it; then take the ring mould and place it on a tray, starting dunk the biscuits in the coffee and quickly place them on the mould, arranging a circular shape.  If needed, break them into small pieces.


When the first layer of biscuits is ready, you’ll cover it with the half part of the nutella and cream you’ve previuosly mixed together; then create a second layer of biscuits and then again cover it with the remaining nutella and cream.



To decorate the cake, use the few nutella you’ve previously left apart, spreading it well on the top of the cake. Then, add the chopped hazelnuts.
Put the cake in the fridge for 2 hours at least -or in the freezer if you prefer the ice-cream cake consistency.- When it’s time to serve it, take out the cake from the mould helping yourself with a knife in order to better detach it. Enjoy a slice!