Yay! Today I’ve to give a big thanks to Vik Tory Arch for the new Award she assigned to me. Wow! Starting a new week with a sign of appreciation is always good, right? If you wish, please take a look at the beautiful blog: it’s a blog about writing and books, and it’s a rare thing to find here on WordPress. I love writing and reading books me too, so … it’s always a pleasure to meet other people that shares the same passions…


The rules are simple, as always, if you wish to take part: thank the person who nominated you, paste the image of the award, state 7 random facts about yourself, and tag other 15 -more or less- bloggers.

Here come my seven things:

1. I don’t wear hats. Never.
2. I rarely wear sunglasses, also when needed;
3. My favourite fantasy movie is “The lord of the Rings” trilogy.
4. Lately, I watched the movie “The fault in our stars”, everybody was crying at the end, but not me… Is it normal?
5. I’m reading “Persuasion” by Jane Austen right now.
6. I wear a shoe size 39 (I think should be a 7)
7. I don’t like particularly turnips!

And these are my winners: (always hard to choose!)

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Enjoy your brand new award! Cris