Hello to you all!In these past two weeks I’ve been really busy, no time to write properly on my blog. ūüė¶
But Today I think it’s important to share with you this initiative, against the breast cancer: in Italy October is the month of prevention¬†against this type of cancer. For this reason, i choosed to share the initiative of Glossy Girl of the blog Amore, Psiche e MakeUp. I have also to thank Francesca Trucco of the blog¬†Make Up Occhi Verdi¬†for tagging me. Together we’re strong!


The symbol of the fight against breast cancer are the pink ribbons: they remind us the importance of a good prevention, which could save the life both to us and to a beloved person. The idea of the initiative is to involve the maximum number of people and sensitize them towards the importance of the prevention, also using the following websites:


1) Thank the person who nominated you, and make a post about the topic on your own blog: don’t forget to insert the links and the tag #inottobreilmakeupsitingedirosa;
2) Copy the rules for the other members;
3) Nominate at least 8 bloggers and tell them about the initiative;
4) Post a photo about an outfit,¬†a makeup, something creative! Everything is allowed as long as it’s pink;
5) Share with everyone you want!

This time, because of the importance of the initiative, everyone of my contacts is invited to participate. I couldn’t just choose only 8 of you.

Here my small contribution: instead of choosing a pink outfit to post, or something fashionable, I would like to share with you 50 shades of pink and fuchsia, enough of this? In the end, the most important thing is to participate!


Please, you’re all invited to share your thoughts/experiences/useful websites¬†about this, it would be useful for who, like me, is not so well informed about the topic. Have a great day!Cris