From time to time, I often look at my photos of Cabo Verde: they just make me dream. Today I’ll show you some rare seascape of the south-west coast of Boavista, which presents the most beautiful and neverending beaches.


We made this adventurous excursion on a quad, which is quite the only way, together with an off-road vehicle, to visit this part of the island.The most famous beach in the south is Praia Santa Monica, about 18 km lenght, at 6 km from a small village named Provoacao Velha. We arrived here from a dirt patch of red sand, crossing the montainous up-country, which reminds me the limitless spaces of California.The panorama deserved all the long curvy way done to reach it.



Driving again on the uneven road, we stopped close to the ruins of Curral Velho, an ancient fishermen village, where you can visit the old salinas: if you have the chance to be alone in this place, you could really hear the “sound of silence”, interrupted only by the wind and the breaking waves.


The south of this island offers really some suggestive glimpses: don’t miss the opportunity to observing wild birds living in the marshlands near the ocean; and last but not least, to drive on a pick-up throughout the ancient volcano craters (today extinguished): quite a lunar landscape.


On the way back, we often stopped to take some shots of the beaches in the nearby, like Curral Velho and Ervatao, with a declining ocean bottom: places like these are ideal habitat for sea turtles (Caretta Caretta), which punctually every summer return here to lay the eggs under the careful look of the volunteers of the environmental associations.


Another great beach where you could stopping by, returning toward Sal Rei, is Varadihna: its peculiarity are high rocks on the oceanfront, that the water has eroded, shaping many caves. In this area of the island, in the late afternoon, is possible to sight some sharks swimming next to the seaside.



Next time I’ll tell you more about a night excursion to see turtles laying eggs on the beach, and about the people we met in Boavista.


  1. Cris, I’m enjoying your series from Boavista, especially on this wintery day. Elements of the landscape do remind me of California too, but the anecdotes you shared in your other post remind us that it’s a distinctly different part of the world. 🙂

    • Hello Tricia! Yes, undoubtedly. It’s totally a different way of life. Meeting the people who live there was such an enrichment. And sure you know the feeling, as I can see from your reports of your travels. 🙂

  2. Ciao Cris, un po’ ti invidio per tutti i bellissimi viaggi che fai…:D Le foto che presenti sono sempre bellissime (e guardarle con la neve dello sfondo natalizio del blog che scende proprio sulla spiaggia è anche una “figata” 🙂 😀 Baci

    • Ciao cara, ahaha siiì! sai che ci pensavo stamattina, che faceva uno strano effetto guardarle con la neve del blog? 😀
      E infatti viaggiare è una delle mie più grandi passioni.. non guarirò mai, temo… Un abbraccio!
      p.s.: aspetto con ansia i tuoi cupcakes/le torte di Natale 😉

    • ciao Silva, già, anche a me piace molto… certo, i ricordi sono sempre anche culinari! 🙂
      a Boavista ad esempio il piatto tipico è la cachupa, una zuppa molto nutriente con il mais,i fagioli, le patate e la manioca, unita a carne o più spesso pesce. E qualcuno ci parlava anche della murena fritta. 🙂

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