Hello to you all! How are you spending these last days before Christmas? Also this year is time to do home-made Christmas cards! Yippiee! For this year I drawn a simple card in red and white, I took the idea from here: I would like to show you the several steps of the making. First of all, I draw some Christmas decoration to apply on the card: Christmas socks, ribbons, holly, and so on.Then, I prepared a Christmas wreath, drawing some branches to cut to build the garland.


You make a green circle – diameter 3/3,5 cm – and you cut the inside roundly. Then, you’ll arrange the branches around the circle, counterclockwise. The branches have to be arranged roundly around the ring, you could fix them with glue (or with staples, if you prefer).


In the meanwhile, you’ll prepare the windows from a white cardboard: draw two windows and then with the paper cutter you’ll remove the sections in excess. Paint them with tempera to hide the inperfections. To imagine the glass, you can use tissue paper on the back. When you have assembled the windows, you could hang the garland on the top of one of them.


Now we can finally assemble the greetings card: pick an A4 red cardboard, and fold it in half. Paste a white cardboard inside: here you could write your Christmas thoughts.



The final step is to paste with glue the details you draw previously: I draw also a black&white cat (our Robin!she’s with us from exactly one year!) to wish my darling a very Merry Christmas!

I would like to know also your favourite tips for Christmas: in the meanwhile, i send you all my Christmas greetings: I hope your Christmas will be joyfull and bright. Cris



  1. 1st of all: auguri & happy holidays, Crendina! 🙂
    2nd of all: is that you in the avatar photo? – ’cause you look like a Romanian friend… 🙂
    * * *
    P.S. to me, X-mas day is just another December day… why, my dear parents(RIP) were both born on Dec 25th… I dislike the shopping frenzy, but I do respect Christian people who celebrate the real meaning of X-mas.

    • Thank you Mélanie! Yes, it’s just me in the avatar photo …oh wow, I’ve a Romanian twin? 😉
      I didn’t know anything about you, but sure I’m so impressed about your sad story. I can understand because for you the 25th December means just nothing.However, please accept my partecipation and my wishes for you to spent serene days with your family, despite all. I hug you. Cris

    • ah ah no addirittura? a me piace molto “pasticciare”, ritagliare ed incollare con i cartoncini colorati..diciamo che a Natale fare il biglietto è una tradizione! Buone Feste a te!

    • Auguroni Silva! Grazie! io preferisco se ho tempo fare i biglietti artigianali, non saranno perfetti come quelli comprati, ma vedo che sono sempre molto apprezzati. 🙂

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