Hello! We’re just back from a short holiday in London. There are always so many things to do, to see, to … eat in London! it’s just a stimulating big city. I love strolling between the streets, the quartiers. Looking at the cafès, searching for a new hidden corner. I don’t want to simply make a list of the things you could see visiting London. This time I’ll show you simply our improvised itineraries, to show you how pleasant could be not to follow a guide description.


We stayed in a fine hotel near King’s Cross-St. Pancras. It’s not the City, but I think it’s a fine area, with many ethnic restaurants, so in the evening we had always a great choice of places for dinner. Right when you exit from the tube, you can see the majestic buildings of St. Pancras Railway Station, widely known for its Victorian architecture. It really stands out ’cause of the clock tower of the Midland Grand Hotel.


The St Pancras area of the London Borough of Camden stands between the British Library, King’s Cross station and the Regent’s Canal.The area is in the northern part of the city, reaching from Holborn and Bloomsbury in the south, to Hampstead Heath in the north. Neighbouring areas are the City of Westminster and the City of London to the south.I really enjoyed walking in the streets of Camden, it’s a beautiful peaceful district. We took a lot of street photos while going to Piccadilly.



I’m not telling you about Camdem Town, Camdem Lock Market, and all the most famous places in the area. It’s beautiful to visit them, but I was really fascinated while tooking promenades around our hotel, looking at the beautiful buildings, at the greengrocers, at the barber shops. At the old pedestrian crossings. At the cabs. At the double-decker bus.


I could write a neverending list of the things you should experience in London. Our journey starts here, in the Inner London. And you? What do you think of London? What’s your experience about this city? Looking forward to publish all the photos I took walking for kilometers in few days!Cris


15 thoughts on “LONDON TRIP

    • Ciao Silva, grazie! è sempre difficile parlare di viaggi in un modo un po’ più personale. Parlando di Londra, è una città bellissima da girare a piedi, ci sono tanti scorci caratteristici e non “presi d’assalto”, diciamo. E poi, sfatiamo il mito: gli inglesi sono molto gentili!

  1. Hi Cris – nice photos, as usual! I went to London way back in 1989. All I did was party in the strangest clubs I’d ever seen. That was back when raves were beginning. Also I still remember an Indian place we ate at which had the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted. Even until today. 🙂

    • Hello Julie!Thank you, I’ve so many photos to post that I can’t choose few of them so easily…eh eh, I’m sure you spent great time in London in that period 😉
      Ethnic restaurant, especially indian and Thai ones, are really great in London, I totally agree with you!

      • Io sono partita anni fa quando ero poco più che maggiorenne. Sono partita senza un lavoro e poi con tanto buon senso e stando ben alla larga dai pericoli ho buttato le basi tenendo sempre a mente qual’ era il mio obiettivo e cioè: imparare l’Inglese. L’ho imparato e mi è entrato nel sangue. Pensa che ancora oggi a distanza di anni quando vado a Londra mi batte il cuore forte, forte. Ciaoo Bea

      • Assolutamente no, è impossibile!! Sono esperienze che ti modificano il carattere e ti rendono più forte ma bisogna stare sempre in guardia. Scusami ma parlo un po’ da mamma apprensiva. Ciaoo

      • io penso che siano comunque importanti, anche se richiedono attenzione. Sono formative, ecco. E metterci un po’ di testa non può che arricchire le nostre esperienze: bisogna viversele le cose! Ciao!

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