Oh my! Last Friday I missed the first part of the Fiesta Friday party, I had really few time – not a bit news, right? Do you think I could join now? Am I in time for desserts? 😉
I was tired of the simple fruits tart, as well as the chocolate and the Nutella ones: so, I wanted to try a Pistachio Nutella, a special product that is not so easy to find in Northern Italy. The consistency is like the Nutella, but this cream has a light green colour and a delicate sweet taste of pistachio. Really yummy!One of my colleagues brought me from Sicily. For this special edition of Fiesta Friday, I prepared a Pistachio Cream Tart with dark chocolate chips and whipped cream. I found it just delicious to eat. Here’s the recipe:




– Flour 00: 250 gr
– Butter: 125 gr
– Powdered sugar: 100 gr
– Eggs: (yolk): 2 or 3 if small
– a pinch of salt
– a hint of vanillin


– 250 ml cream to whip
– dark chocolate chips
– 250 gr pistachio nutella cream


The preparation of the shortcrust pastry starts with a process called “sabbiatura”: first of all sift the flour, and put it in the mixer, together with the cold butter chopped in cubes, and a pinch of salt. Blend the ingredients till you’ll obtain a sandy-like and floury mixture, then transfer it on a floury pastry board. Now you could add the powdered sugar. (always sifted before), and the vanillin.
Make a well in the centre of the flour, then pour in the center the 2-3 egg yolks and the grated lemon peel; start to amalgamate with a fork till the egg yolk will absorb the flour, then follow kneading powerfully till you’ll obtain a compact and elastic dough. Shape a block and wrap it into the plastic wrap, then put it in the fridge for 30 minutes before using it. Spread out the dough on a pastry board, then transfer it in a baking tray covered with wax paper. Riddle with holes the dough, fill the tart with dry beans and then cook it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180° C. When the borders are golden, remove the beans and then replace the tart in the oven, and cook again for other 20 minutes.



You could also cook the Pistachio Nutella, but I prefer it cold in the filling, it’s more creamy; when the shortcrust tart is ready, fill it with the pistachio cream mixed with the dark chocolate chips, and put the tart in the fridge for a while.


Then, you could start prepare the whipped cream: be careful to use a cold bowl and cold whisks; put the cream in the bowl together with the powdered sugar and start mixing at maximum speed, always in the same direction. When the whipped cream is ready and fluffy, you could decorate the tart on the top. When you cut it, you’ll have three coloured layers. Pretty, isn’t it?
Put the tart in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.



  1. Pistachio nutella sounds yummy! I can’t believe how perfect the sides of your tart are… I cook mine with the dried beans inside and somehow am always adjusting when it’s still warm out of the oven. Yours is perfect!!

    • Thank you for your kind words and welcome! Yes, I couldn’t believe it, but it has really a good sweet taste! Oh, for the sides or the tart .. I don’t know why, but this time they’re perfect, you’re right! maybe ’cause I used a taller round mold. (about 10 cm)

    • Hello Michelle, i’m glad that you like it! I totally agree with you: it’s never to late for dessert! 😉
      Me too I tried this pistachio cream for the first time, because in my region is not so easy to find it!I’m in love with it now!

  2. Mmm…pistachio nutella cream?? That sounds both intriguing and delicious! It looks to me that you have found the perfect use for it in this fabulous tart. 🙂 This is the perfect celebratory dessert for the Fiesta Friday Anniversary party…thanks for sharing your recipe!

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