LA is a city that you can love and hate at the same time. It’s too big, too messy, too chaotic. But it makes you dream, because after all, Los Angeles means Hollywood, the myth, the chance of a life. It means sun, palm trees and neverending golden beaches, from glamorous Malibu to multiethnic Venice Beach.

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Hello! I’ve been quite absent this week…but I’m here quickly with a beautiful news: RTL 102.5, a national italian radio, organise a contest where you could win a world trip! Isn’t it beautiful? I couldn’t just believe it! I’ve immediately joined!The concost ends on 01 June 2015. Please, may I ask you to give me votes? I know that’s impossible, but still I wanna try…You know I’m a bit…crazy!

Here’s the link to my personal page: to vote me, you have to subscribe to the site: click “Login” and then “Crea nuovo account”. You must confirm the subscription by mail. And that’s all! Now you can vote (me)!Good Luck!


Ciao a tutti! Sono stata un po’ assente questa settimana … non ho avuto molto tempo di aggirarmi tra i vostri blog! Sono qui di passaggio solo per comunicarvi un’eccitante iniziativa di RTL 102.5: dal 16 Marzo è aperto un concorso in cui si può vincere un giro del mondo! Non ci potevo credere! Ovvio che mi sono subito iscritta e sto raccogliendo voti ovunque. Se anche voi voleste aiutarmi a coronare un mio sogno qui trovate il link alla mia pagina.


Per votare dovete iscrivervi alla community di RTL 102.5 (se non lo siete già!), confermare l’iscrizione via mail ed il gioco è fatto! Potete votare (me)!Buona Fortuna!Cris


Hello!Spring is here, and this week I thought to present you for FiestaFriday one of my common and simple pasta dish: i love this version of sedanini (they’re tiny maccheroni) with tuna, pachino tomatoes and olives (this time I used the taggiasche type). A perfect fresh pasta dish for the hot mounths!


INGREDIENTS: (4 persons)

– 360/380 gr sedanini pasta;
– 1 can of tuna (extra virgin oil, or natural)
– 50/70 gr taggiasche olives (pitted);
– 150 gr pachino tomatoes;
– extra virgin olive oil;
– onion, or (garlic, if you like it);
– salt&pepper;
– oregano


First of all, cut the tomatoes in half, eliminating all the seeds and the water in the inside. (squeezing them lightly) In a small saucepan, put a bit of extra-virgin olive oil and let it warm up for 2 minutes. In the meanwhile, cut a tiny piece of onion (and/or garlic) and put it in the pan together with the oil, to flavour it. When the oil start to sizzle, throw away the onion. Add the cutted tomatoes to the oil, and let it “rest” for a bit out of the stove.


In another pot, put 750 ml of water on the stove, add two teaspoon salt, and let the water reach the boil. When it’s ready, add the sedanini and let them boil for 8-9 minutes.


In the meanwhile, add the taggiasche olives and the tuna to the tomatoes in the small saucepan. When the pasta is ready – al dente -, drain the pasta and put it in the saucepan, and finally cook all until creamy – 2 minutes -.

Buon Appetito!Cris


Hello!Finally spring is arrived! We’re having such lovely sunny days. And spring means renovations, also for the home! In this post I’ve collected some of the ideas I like the most for my home for this spring/summer seasons -hoping to have the time to dedicate to our home -.

1) PILLOWS: i love cushions and textiles, but till now I didn’t buy a single new pillow: on the top of the wish list there are the UK/USA flags cushions: I want to put them on the white cabinet in the entrance, together with the blue&red cushions I already have.

cuscini2) WALL CLOCK FOR THE KITCHEN: I haven’t buy either a new clock for the kitchen. (the previous one is broken)
We think that we could order something original with free shipping by internet, like these with the cats: Robin – our cat – will be honoured!:)


3) WORLD MAP PAINTINGS: I found on EBay this combo of three canvas boards: I would like to buy it for the living room: we may also put the “pins”on the places we already visit and check about the new destinations.

world map

4) PATCHWORK ARMCHAIR: we need an armchair in the master bedroom. I wasn’t really satisfied about the classical types I found. But one of our suppliers makes a collections of funny chairs, and I totally liked this one: it was love at first sight. I love natural wood combined with patchwork.

kenna armchair

5) A CHALKBOARD: I always loved chalkboards. I love writing and drawing with coloured chalks. I think that it would be great to have one in the kitchen to take note of the things to do, to buy, etc…
I found a lot of cute chalkboards in different sizes, with different frames: but the thing that surprised me, it’s that you can find also table trays, little pots, a variety of accessories where you can write your “thoughts”.Funny, isn’t it?


For today, that’s all. Time’s flying. You may say ” And these are the only things you need?” Sure not.
I didn’t even mentioned the curtains. ALL the curtains in EVERY room. The outdoor furniture. The pots and the plants we wanted to buy for the balcony. The carpets. The new frames we need in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom. STOP. I’ll talk about our ideas next time. Little by little. Have a great day!Cris