Hello! So hot here in these summer days, we need something refreshing also to eat. I’ve been very busy in these last two weeks, so no Fiesta Friday at all. Then, few days ago, i read about Selma’s Table. I couldn’t believe it. Even now I can’t believe that I will not see ever again her kind comments to my recipes. Learn about her recipes. She was always encouraging, especially when i start my blog. I really don’t have an episode related to her, i wasn’t so familiar with her – I didn’t have the time -. But she impressed me, and today I want to commemorate her bringing to you a simple and tasty dish: a rice salad. You can add and remove ingredients as you wish – a great classic – isn’t it? But somewhat it reminds me of her, with her authenticity. Goodbye Selma, this Fiesta Friday is for you.


INGREDIENTS: (4 persons)

– 350 gr Carnaroli rice (or similar)
– 1 big zucchini
– 140 gr peas
– 70-80 gr prosciutto cotto (slices or cubes)
– 70-80 gr salame strolghino (or salami)
– 1 can tuna fish (70-100 gr)
– black taggiasche olives (or other types)
– extra virgin olive oil
– salt&pepper


To start, put some water on the stove till the boil, then add all the rice and wait until it’s done. Let the rice cool down for a bit. In the meanwhile, cut in slices the zucchini, and put them in a pan together with the peas, flavour with olive oil, salt and pepper and cook them for a while.


When they’re done, put them in the rice and melt them a bit. After that, cut the salami and the prosciutto cotto in cubes/slices and add them to the salad. At the end, you can add the tuna (previously drained) and the black olives. – only now i can see that i took the photos without adding olives …ouch – But like Selma said “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”, so … it’s okay.


Now you can serve the rice salad. You could also prepare it previously, and then put it in the fridge for 1-2 days maximum.

Buon Appetito. Cris



  1. BEautiful tribute to Selma and a gorgeous dish to honor her. She sure touched so many of us in different ways. Here’s hoping her memory and spirit will live on in each one of us.

  2. Hello there … I too write a food blog and my path crossed with that of Selma’s … I loved her writing, her sensitive comments, her sense of humour and her whole approach to cooking and eating. We even exchanged the odd email. This is just so sad and shocking. Thank you for celebrating her via this post.

    • Hello to you… Yes, Selma had a sensitive approach both with cooking and life, I think. It’s just shocking like you said. So let’s celebrate her in the way she deserve. xx

  3. Hi Crendina, what a lovely and elegant, summer salad. Selma would very much like it. You know, I have never made a rice salad! But now, in Selma’s honor, and yours, I will! Thank you for joining our tribute.

  4. What a perfect dish to bring here at Selma’s Tribute. If she’s here now, I am sure that she’d love this. Thanks for being a part of her tribute, Cris. xx

  5. Nice recipe, Cris, one that Selma would have approved and loved. Thanks for your kind words about Selma. Even though you didn’t interact with her as much as you’ve liked, I can see how she touched you as she did many of us. XOXO

    • Hello Angie, I’m glad that the first comment is yours. Yes, i think that she would have liked it. We don’t meet each other, but we share a lot of our life here, joyfull moment and sad ones. So it’s natural to … miss her. Big hugs also to you.Cris

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