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Christmas’ Eve has always a magic atmosphere, i especially love this day. For me the 24th means a pleasant afternoon at home, cooking cupcakes before the Christmas’ Eve Dinner at Granny’s home.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas: i hope that you’ll spend these days with the people you love and care the most!




Happy December to you all my dear bloggers! Another year together, isn’t it amazing? Today I opened my blog page and I got all excited founding the snow falling: I’ve missed it!Last Friday I made a classic recipe for FiestaFriday, the chocolate chip cookies, probably one of my favourite type of biscuits. Here my recipe:


INGREDIENTS: (55-60 cookies)

– Butter 230 gr (room temperature)
– Baking soda 5 gr
– Powdered sugar 200 gr
– Vanilla extract 2 gr
– Eggs 3
– Flour 00, 360 g (sifted)
– Granulated sugar 100 gr
– Dark chocolate chips  300-350 gr
– Cooking salt 10 gr (optional)



To start the preparation, the first thing to do is to mingle the butter and the two type of sugar into the mixer. Cut the butter into pieces, then add the powdered sugar and the granulated sugar, and work them till you’ll obtain a smooth, dense and homogeneous mixture. If you don’t own a mixer, you can use the wisks. Add, always into the mixer, the cooking salt, the vanilla extract and the eggs; at this point it’s essential to keep on mixing at least for 5 minutes.
In the meanwhile, sift the flour in a big bowl, and add the baking soda. At this point, you can incorporate the flour to the mixture little by little, helping yourself with a spatula, and mixing until the flour will be totally absorbed.



The final touch is to add the dark chocolate chips, trying to  blend in well. Cover a baking tray with a sheet of wax paper, and put a teaspoon of mixture for each cookie on it. Be careful to maintain separated the small balls of dough. while shaping the cookies. Cook them in pre-heated oven at 180 °C for 15 minutes: the cookies must become soft in the center and golden on the edges. When they’re ready, put them on a grill to cool down.


Buon Appetito! Cris


Hello! I’m so busy right now and I know that I’m neglecting the blog lately, but today I’m really glad to inform you that you can find an article about Santorini written by me on “Giro in Foto” online magazine, together with other exciting articles from talented photographers.



It’s just a small thing but if I can make something related with photography and travels I’m just so happy! Reading it this morning made my day! If you want to take a look to the magazine, just click on the image above. I hope to be back soon with new recipes for Christmas!

Have a nice day!Cris