Hello!I can’t believe how much time I spent away from the blog, but don’t worry, I’m alive! I went throughout a particularly sensitive time, an emotional rollercoaster with big joy and happiness, but also some unpleasant moments. So I choosed to keep some distance from the blog, give me time to be confortable again and now … I’m back with new ideas and travels! However, I’m still a bit in a hurry, so as you can see “The Friday Night Recipe” for this week becomes “The Friday Night Snack”… (hoping a snack’ll be enough to bring to Fiesta Friday)
Checking out sites like this gave me a nice (and yummy) idea: to personalize a pop-corn recipe. Let me say first that in Italy we don’t have such a large choice of flavoured pop-corn, if so I think I’ll try all of those! Personally, pop-corn reminds to my childhood afternoon snacks, or to the winter nights when my father made pop-corn before watching a movie. Here in Italy we do have sweet-flavoured pop-corn, but generally we eat the salted ones. I do love the salted version, so I thinked about a personal salty version.

When I’ve some time, I prefere to make them in a frypan with extra-virgin olive oil, not in the microwave. I just love to “shake” lightly the frypan and hear the familiar popping sound, while inspiring the sweet corn scent.
This time I was lucky because Maryam, a dear friend, brought me fabulous iranian pistachios, so I thought about a “mix” of ingredients!


INGREDIENTS: (4 people)

– 3/4 fistful of corn grains;
– extra-virgin olive oil;
– 100 gr pistachios;
– some pinches of sweet paprika
– some pinches of salt


Just prepare pop-corn in a frypan: when the oil is warmed-up, put the corn grains in the frypan and cover it with a pot lid; shake the frypan from time to time and wait till the pop-corn are ready; then chop the pistachios in tiny pieces (I often use a meat mallet), and put them on the pop-corn.

Transfer the pop-corn and the chopped pistachios in a freezer bag, and then add some pinches of paprika. Shake several times the bag and then pop-corn are ready to be served!
This is my combo, but I would like to know what kind of pop-corn do you prefer, salted or not, and flavored with?

See You soon!Cris


  1. Hello, Cris. I have missed you and your blog, too. I pray that you get thru whatever is it you are going through. On the other hand, this popcorn sounds so good! Perfect for this week’s Fiesta Friday party! Stay safe!

    • Hi Jhuls! How are You?? Me too I missed You all, and also cooking recipe to share on Fiesta Friday! I’m fine, so don’t worry, I’ll return to normal posting also on the blog soon. ;D
      Glad that You liked this type of pop-corn…after all, pop-corn for me is also a type of confort-food, so I eat them always with pleasure!
      See You, and Thanks!!! Cris

  2. The addition of paprika is something I really loved in your popcorn ๐Ÿฟ ๐Ÿ˜!! wil definitely give a try.. Here in Qatar, all type of popcorn flavors are available.. But my personal favorite is Caramel..
    Thanks for sharing this homemade spicy popcorn with all of us..
    Happy Fiesta Friday ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Hello, and welcome! ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Caramel flavor is also very good when I choose a sweet type of pop-corn!Good choice! But I love after all more salted ones, i think… ๐Ÿ™‚

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