Hello! Do you have ever made a “zebra-striped cake”? I make it for this Fiesta Friday for the first time, and I like it really much: it’s a classic cake, cocoa flavoured, very friable. After all, it’s quite simple to make, but a double-coloured cake is always cool, right? Here my recipe:


 3/4 Eggs (to divide in yolk and white)
– 250 gr Granulated Sugar
– 300 gr Flour 00
– 150 gr Butter
– 1 glass Milk  (100-120 ml)
– 30 gr Cocoa powder (3 spoon)
– 1 bag Baking powder for desserts
– the juice of 1/2 lemon
– a pinch of salt
– Vanilla extract
– Potato starch (130 gr)


Start the preparation with the butter (room-temperature) and the sugar: put the ingredients in a large bowl, (also the vanilla extract if you use it) and work them with the mixer. Then add the egg yolks (always room-temperature), one by one, and  keep mixing the ingredients. When the mixture will become smooth and creamy, add the flour 00, the baking powder, and the pinch of salt. If you’re using the potato starch, add 100 gr of it at this time. (all the ingredients previously sifted.)


At this point, add also the milk to make the mixture more “fluid”, then take a ladle and test the consistency: if the dough seems still too compact, add a bit more of milk. Now, the last step of the preparation is to beat the egg whites until foamy. When ready, add the whites to the mixture, little by little, and every time mixing well from the bottom to the top. Finally divide the mixture in two equal parts (uso two small bowls): in one part, add the sifted cocoa powder and amalgamate well the ingredients; in the other bowl, add 30-40 gr potato starch and mix well.


After the “division”, if one of the parts is more compact than the other, add some teaspoon of milk to reach a better density. Take a baking pan (24 cm diameter) and butter it, then cover it with wax paper. Then start pouring with a spoon the “light” mixture in the middle of the baking pan. On the “light” mixture, always in the center, add the “cocoa” mixture. Follow pouring the two mixtures alternately till you end the dough.


When you’re done, put the baking pan in the preheated oven at 180-200 °C for 40 minutes. Let the cake cool down when ready, and before serving, dust the cake with confectioners’ sugar.

Buon Appetito!Cris



Happy December to you all my dear bloggers! Another year together, isn’t it amazing? Today I opened my blog page and I got all excited founding the snow falling: I’ve missed it!Last Friday I made a classic recipe for FiestaFriday, the chocolate chip cookies, probably one of my favourite type of biscuits. Here my recipe:


INGREDIENTS: (55-60 cookies)

– Butter 230 gr (room temperature)
– Baking soda 5 gr
– Powdered sugar 200 gr
– Vanilla extract 2 gr
– Eggs 3
– Flour 00, 360 g (sifted)
– Granulated sugar 100 gr
– Dark chocolate chips  300-350 gr
– Cooking salt 10 gr (optional)



To start the preparation, the first thing to do is to mingle the butter and the two type of sugar into the mixer. Cut the butter into pieces, then add the powdered sugar and the granulated sugar, and work them till you’ll obtain a smooth, dense and homogeneous mixture. If you don’t own a mixer, you can use the wisks. Add, always into the mixer, the cooking salt, the vanilla extract and the eggs; at this point it’s essential to keep on mixing at least for 5 minutes.
In the meanwhile, sift the flour in a big bowl, and add the baking soda. At this point, you can incorporate the flour to the mixture little by little, helping yourself with a spatula, and mixing until the flour will be totally absorbed.



The final touch is to add the dark chocolate chips, trying to  blend in well. Cover a baking tray with a sheet of wax paper, and put a teaspoon of mixture for each cookie on it. Be careful to maintain separated the small balls of dough. while shaping the cookies. Cook them in pre-heated oven at 180 °C for 15 minutes: the cookies must become soft in the center and golden on the edges. When they’re ready, put them on a grill to cool down.


Buon Appetito! Cris


Hello! Today I’ve to thank Chiara for the nomination for the Liebster Award, i’m really honoured. Recently, I was busy with many other things and I’ve left aside the blog: I published things “sporadically”, and always in such a hurry, so I was surprised seing even so a new blog award: Thanks!


The rules are simple, as always, if you wish to take part: thank the person who nominated you, paste the image of the award in the post, answer to 10 questions, and tag other 7 -more or less- bloggers. If you wish, you could add 10 questions on your own for blogs you choose to nominate. (not my case!)

And now, let’s start with the answers:

1) What is your blog about? My blog is about interior design, cooking, travels: my biggest passions!

2) Why you opened a blog? ‘Cause I like writing about my experiences, sharing them with others, read about other bloggers’ opinions.

3) How much do you dedicate to the blog? Usually, at least once a week.

4) How long is it since you opened it? I started the blog at the end of August 2013.

5) If you had to open another blog, what the topic would be? Probably I would like to separate the topics of The Blog Around The Corner: one for travels, one for cooking, one for design: too much work!

6) How many blogs you follow with similar topics? A lot of blogs. So many that I don’t have the time to read them all every week. I think about … 400!

7) What’s your favourite colour? Red.

8) What do you do in your life? I’m an interior designer.

9) How old are you? I’m 31.

10) Do you write a blog for work or in free time? In my free time.

Finally, these are my nominees (good luck!): feel free to accept or not/to make a post/or not. This is just to show you my appreciation for your blogs.

Baby you can drive my car
Ely’s Kitchen
My Kitchen Moments
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Accanto al camino
Arl’s World


Hello to you all!In these past two weeks I’ve been really busy, no time to write properly on my blog. 😦
But Today I think it’s important to share with you this initiative, against the breast cancer: in Italy October is the month of prevention against this type of cancer. For this reason, i choosed to share the initiative of Glossy Girl of the blog Amore, Psiche e MakeUp. I have also to thank Francesca Trucco of the blog Make Up Occhi Verdi for tagging me. Together we’re strong!


The symbol of the fight against breast cancer are the pink ribbons: they remind us the importance of a good prevention, which could save the life both to us and to a beloved person. The idea of the initiative is to involve the maximum number of people and sensitize them towards the importance of the prevention, also using the following websites:


1) Thank the person who nominated you, and make a post about the topic on your own blog: don’t forget to insert the links and the tag #inottobreilmakeupsitingedirosa;
2) Copy the rules for the other members;
3) Nominate at least 8 bloggers and tell them about the initiative;
4) Post a photo about an outfit, a makeup, something creative! Everything is allowed as long as it’s pink;
5) Share with everyone you want!

This time, because of the importance of the initiative, everyone of my contacts is invited to participate. I couldn’t just choose only 8 of you.

Here my small contribution: instead of choosing a pink outfit to post, or something fashionable, I would like to share with you 50 shades of pink and fuchsia, enough of this? In the end, the most important thing is to participate!


Please, you’re all invited to share your thoughts/experiences/useful websites about this, it would be useful for who, like me, is not so well informed about the topic. Have a great day!Cris


Yay! Today I’ve to give a big thanks to Vik Tory Arch for the new Award she assigned to me. Wow! Starting a new week with a sign of appreciation is always good, right? If you wish, please take a look at the beautiful blog: it’s a blog about writing and books, and it’s a rare thing to find here on WordPress. I love writing and reading books me too, so … it’s always a pleasure to meet other people that shares the same passions…


The rules are simple, as always, if you wish to take part: thank the person who nominated you, paste the image of the award, state 7 random facts about yourself, and tag other 15 -more or less- bloggers.

Here come my seven things:

1. I don’t wear hats. Never.
2. I rarely wear sunglasses, also when needed;
3. My favourite fantasy movie is “The lord of the Rings” trilogy.
4. Lately, I watched the movie “The fault in our stars”, everybody was crying at the end, but not me… Is it normal?
5. I’m reading “Persuasion” by Jane Austen right now.
6. I wear a shoe size 39 (I think should be a 7)
7. I don’t like particularly turnips!

And these are my winners: (always hard to choose!)

  1. Silvia Rigobello
  2. Citra’s Healthy Kitchen
  3. Selma’s Table
  4. The London Her
  5. Sammy Around The World
  6. Due cuori e una ciccions
  7. Parole di Gusto
  8. Indu International Kitchen
  9. My Kitchen Adventures
  10. The Not So Creative Cook
  11. Posto Corridoio
  12. Le Ricette di Baccos

Enjoy your brand new award! Cris


Hello to you all! I’m finally back from a beautiful holiday in Cabo Verde, I’m so excited to tell you all of my brand new great travel experience! First of all, I have to say that I used some time during holidays to reorganize a bit my blog, let me tell you a pair of news:

– You can now translate the blog in other languages thanks to Google Translator: you’ll find the link to the translation page in the column on the right under “TRANSLATE THE BLOG” : click to translate and enjoy every week the new topics!

– I’ve updated the right answers concerning myself about the BlogAward “Credi di avermi messo a fuoco?” of some time ago, if someone is interested… now you could satisfy your curiosity!

– Yesterday, WordPress kindly told to me that, one year ago, I was starting my blogging adventure: it has been a great year, full of satisfaction!I want to send you all a special thanks for following me: reading your blogs made me really inspired and motivated for my own blog!

– I’ve to thank Francesca for the new award she assigned to me: the “Inspiring Blog Award”: like I said to her, i’m just one more time so surprised of the preference accorded to my blog… I’m joyfully speechless!



1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.
3. Share seven things about you.
4. Nominate up to 10/15  bloggers for the award, provide a link to their blogs in your post and notify them on their blogs.


– I like theatre and cinema: I like to hear stories, it’s so fascinating;
– I read a lot of books -minimum one for week -;
– I have no tattoos;
– I like to draw mangas;
– I would like to learn another foreign language;
– I like to drive listening to the music;
– Hand-knitting is not my best!

Here my “nominees list”, which every day inspire me to keep blogging with diligence. To the nominees, I have to say “Compliments for your great work.” Your blog are all great and I can’t make a classification, all the blogs I choosed are equally gorgeous. Like always, you can participate only if you wish, someone may already received this award, but please accept it as my symbol of appreciation for your work. Congrats again to all of you!

 – Reporter per caso
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It’s almost 11 months that I opened the blog and it seems almost incredible that in such a short time I have been able to receive many bonuses. I’ve also someone who follow me every day and write me a lot of compliments for my good job…. when I start this blog, I was not sure to be able to develop it in the right way, but now I can say that I like it and the result is quite fine. Thank you to you all ’cause I’m feeling really appreciated. A special thanks goes to Simonetta, from the blog A Casa di Simi: we don’t know each other from so long, but I can say that she’s a really busy woman, with many passion like me, and I’m really inspired every day by her recipe!I have many usefull advices following her blog.


– Thank those who have nominated and link to their blog
– Write ten things about you, and challenge who read to understand which are true and which not.
– Nominate 10 bloggers that you wish to know more, and leave a message on their blogs about your nomination.
– Publish all the right answers in the following days.


– I’ve blond hair (sono bionda); FALSE – I’ve brown hair
– I made linguistic studies in high school
(ho frequentato un liceo linguistico); TRUE
– I’ve green eyes (ho gli occhi verdi); FALSE – I’ve brown eyes
– I’ve a dog (ho un cane); FALSE – I’ve a cat
– I live in the countryside (abito in campagna); FALSE
– I’m 1,60 m tall (sono alta 1,60 m); FALSE – I’m 1,70 cm
– I’m married (sono sposata); FALSE – I live together with Davide, but we’re not married … for now!
– I’ve a smaller brother and sister
(ho un fratello e una sorella più piccoli); TRUE
– I love reading (mi piace leggere); TRUE
– I’m no good at sewing (non so cucire)  TRUE

I’ll update the answers in a few days: who’ll guess all the right ones?


And finally, the list of my nominees. I tried to avoid the blogs that already received the award. Let me say: Congrats to you all!If you want to accept the award and join, you’re welcome! I really enjoy vey much reading your beautiful blogs!Keep up the good work! Cristina

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Unbelievable! The Blog Around the Corner, little by little, increases and gain awards… i’m quite impressed by all the rewards that you’re confering me, and at the same time I’m so happy, ’cause they show me all your appreciation. I’m glad that so many people share the same hobby and passions as me! Many many thanks again! This time I’ve to thank a great NotSoCreativeCook: how could I say? I share with her the passion for photography and good food – she makes amazing cupcakes and little glorious staff like that – and also the passion for reading, so for some sides we’re similar.Thank you Juhls for thinking at me for this award!


The Rules:

  1. Thank the persons who nominated you
  2. Include a link to their blogs
  3. Nominate 10/15 other bloggers for the award
  4. Share 7 random things about yourself

Moving on with the award, I give you another set of seven random facts about me:

  1. I began cooking watching my mother and my granny: at the very beginning I prepared the omelettes (like everyone!), then growing up I discover my passion for sweets, cupcakes, cakes, and so on, and for cooking in general.
  2. My favourite time of the year is summer, of course! I love hot, sunny days.
  3. Between me and my little sister there are 17 years of difference.
  4. I wish to visit Japan someday, i’m really fascinated by the culture and the traditions of this country.
  5. Speaking of travels, i wish to make a world tour in 80-90 days. I have only to find the time to organize it!
  6. When I was a teenager, i was really a tomboy: I stayed always with guys, i played football rather than volleyball, and so on.. now I think I’m improved a little bit..aha!
  7. I love Tuscany, and whenever is possible we pass a day or a week-end there. I love tuscan countryside, food, art … all! I would live there!

And for the nominees, it’s my pleasure to pass the ‘Versatile Award’ to these wonderful bloggers. Like always, you can participate only if you wish, someone may already received this award, but please accept it as my symbol of appreciation for your work. Congrats to all of you!


CONGRATULATIONS again to the nominees. And if you’ve some time, go meet Juhls on her great blog! Cris