Hello to you all! Obviously I’m always short in time…for me this is the last week working and I’m just too busy to end everything before Sunday! Last Sunday I had a great time visiting the aquarium of Genova: there was bad weather, so we couldn’t go to the sea; we decided to stop in Liguria and visit it: here some shots taken inside. Cris

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“It’s good that Atlantis remains a mistery. It’s right that the man, looking at the ocean, is troubled thinking of a distant and inscrutable kingdom engulfed in a day and a night by the waters and the fire; thinking of the proud dream of an eternity broken by the awakening of the Nature. The civilizations are born, grow, and eventually die. Get ready for this. Atlantis has never existed! It’s everywhere.”

Pierre Benoît

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If you want to know more about Santorini, here is the link to my previous related post. I already long for summer, sun and sea, and Santorini’s shots always surprise me for the beauty of the place. Happy week-end to you all!Cris


Hello!Now that i think of it, it’s the first post I publish regarding photography. As you sure know, I have a Flickr account, an Instagram account, and in my travel posts I’m always in doubt about which shots I have to insert. (because I can’t really choose between tons of shots that I took)
I’m writing today cause I’m all excited ’cause I’ve been contacted by a swedish advertising agency in Gothenburg, and they asked me the permission to use one of my shoot (see below) for a campaign for one of their customer. What can I say? IT’S JUST WOW!It’s the first time for me, plus I’ll been payed for this. (maybe I’m dreaming!)
I was always asking myself, since I became passionate of photography, which was my quality as a photographer. Knowing that someone is interested in my shots, it’s just so great!


This is my shot been selected to be use for the pub campaign. (it’s something for summer tourism, of course.)
And this is one of the multiple uses that this agency will realize: the photo will be used in print ads, digital banners and a film over the spring and summer.


It’s just a small thing, but it makes me happy! Hoping that this will be the first of many collaborations! See ya!Cris