Hello to you all! How are you spending these last days before Christmas? Also this year is time to do home-made Christmas cards! Yippiee! For this year I drawn a simple card in red and white, I took the idea from here: I would like to show you the several steps of the making. First of all, I draw some Christmas decoration to apply on the card: Christmas socks, ribbons, holly, and so on.Then, I prepared a Christmas wreath, drawing some branches to cut to build the garland.


You make a green circle – diameter 3/3,5 cm – and you cut the inside roundly. Then, you’ll arrange the branches around the circle, counterclockwise. The branches have to be arranged roundly around the ring, you could fix them with glue (or with staples, if you prefer).


In the meanwhile, you’ll prepare the windows from a white cardboard: draw two windows and then with the paper cutter you’ll remove the sections in excess. Paint them with tempera to hide the inperfections. To imagine the glass, you can use tissue paper on the back. When you have assembled the windows, you could hang the garland on the top of one of them.


Now we can finally assemble the greetings card: pick an A4 red cardboard, and fold it in half. Paste a white cardboard inside: here you could write your Christmas thoughts.



The final step is to paste with glue the details you draw previously: I draw also a black&white cat (our Robin!she’s with us from exactly one year!) to wish my darling a very Merry Christmas!

I would like to know also your favourite tips for Christmas: in the meanwhile, i send you all my Christmas greetings: I hope your Christmas will be joyfull and bright. Cris



Hello folks! I’ve been really busy with work in the past weeks, and I had no time to update the blog. Hoping that from now on I may think seriously about Christmas!I was searching some ideas for gifts and sweets to make, and yesterday at home I was peeking on the magazines and on Pinterest, of course: i found some recipes and some cute ideas to share with you in the following posts. Me too I will use some of them while preparing our Christmas. I’m just excited, i’ve started the countdown!



I was searching for some cute free gift tags to print: I cannot choose yet, there are so many type!Although, these posted above are actually between my favourite.



Also the preparation and the presentation of a gift is important: I love to make packages for the people I love!I wish also to have the time to prepare some homemade cards like these – I don’t like to buy them last minute, they’re so … stereotypical! The one with the tree made by branches is just lovely!



Regarding the sweets and the cooking: after lot of indecision, this year I’ll prepare the gingerbread men, modifying a little the recipe .. you’ll see the difference step by step with the recipe I’ll post for Christmas’ Eve!


Finally, the Christmas cupcakes: I was thinking at chocolate cupcakes with a simple decoration with buttercream and sugarpaste snowflakes… quite like this one, what do you think?


I wish you all happy Christmas “preparation days” like mine!Looking forward to read your Christmas posts on your blogs!Cris


Hello! Finally we’re really close to the 14th February, day of all lovers. Clearly, I’m preparing something for my sweetheart, and I want to share my simple (and fast) idea for this year. (oh my!time’s flying, just few posts ago I was describing my DIY for Christmas …ach!) First of all, you need some cardboards: I made my version with white and green ones, but you can use also pink or red cardboards. To realize it, of course, scissors and glue, a black marker pen, some coloured fabrics, and two or three coloured tapes, ribbons.


I started making some tiny coloured “bags” with fabrics’ remnants: i choosed some with happy colours and patterns.Then, I made tiny sheets (to insert in the tiny bags like a message in a bottle) with sweet messages. I was thinking while writing to tie up the bags with a coloured ribbon, probably I’ll add this final touch at home tonight. (hoping to find a pink and a green tapes)
For the “messages” to insert into the bags, you can choose a quote, or a short poem that you like. Maybe instead of write something, you can add some photos, or a sequence of photos. Everything will be ok, every word and moment that you’ve shared together!


To realize the inside of the card, I took a piece of fuchsia cotton fabric and I fixed it on a white cardboard. The fuchsia will be the frame for the page in which I’ll write my love message. (this time I used a piece of fabric, but it’s ok also a coloured cardboard)


Finally, I had to finish the cards “outside”, fixing the bags on the cardboard with the glue, and putting the tiny “messages” inside the bags; I decorated the cards with crayons for the final touch.


Happy Valentine’s Day to You All! Cris


Hello! Time is flying away, and now there are only 2 days at Christmas… Today I’ve finished Christmas’ cards, and I want to show you my idea for this year: I made some photos to explain better. Like I said before, handmade Christmas’ Card are always the most appreciated. First of all, you need some cardboards: red, green, blue and a white one. To realize it, of course, scissors and glue, a black marker pen, and many coloured drawing pens.
20131223_095120This year I made a nice drawing of a Santa with his reindeer dragging the sleigh. I coloured the sketch with red drawing pen , of course, for Santas’ clothes, and two tones of green for the sleigh and the writing. I curved out the drawing and I pasted it on a red card. (A4 dimensions, folded in half)  After that, I take a photo of Davide and me, and I printed it, and I cutted off our heads (said in this way, it sounds a bit “gloomy”): I pasted the “heads” on the Santas’ clothes. Inside, as you can see, I added a white card for writing my Christmas message, and to garnish it, I drawed two bay leaves with some red berries.
20131223_102939For the final touch, i added a shaped blue cardboard, to make a starry night sky. (or a snowy sky, if you prefere).

It’s a very simple idea, if you like to cut and paste and drawing something on your own.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!Cris