Hello to you! Some of you surely know that we’re working of our brand new apartement: the works during these last mounth went on quickly, and now finally we’re entering in the most interesting part: the finishing touches – floors and walls covering, doors, fixtures, furniture, and so on…we’re all excited here!
Now that we’ve taken some choices, I want to show you a bit of our nest : I made severals panels (one for each room) in which I mixed textures, colours, and woods ..I think that the final result will be quite satisfying, don’t you think?


FOR THE KITCHEN: (click on the images to enlarge)
– Bright wood and white cabinets; warm tones tiles;
– Red as predominant colour;
– Funny chairs


– preponderance of natural colours;
– comfy sofa and pouffs;
– consolle table (to gain space, it can be open just in case and it became a 6-8 places table)


– modern essential lines;
– shades of gray jazzed up by orange tones;
– pebbly mosaic tiles (that contains all the shades of gray of the bathroom cabinet and tiles)


– White and beige are the predominant colours, that stand out on the dark-brown parquet;
– Upholstered box bed; cushions of any type and size;
– Accessories (lamp, mirror) have some parts made by natural woods: for a welcoming and relaxing space.


Access rooms are sometimes a bit “overlooked”: still, the hallway it’s as important as the other rooms of our home: we’re thinking about a “seaside setting”: after opening the main door, an outstanding space for us and our visitors: we’ll feel like on holiday every time we’ll go back home.
– ocean blue on the walls;
– white rustic furniture;
–  particular accessories: lanterns, rétro appliques, seascape photos, and a touch of red (with cushions, decorative objects, ecc..)

Now, sure you know a lot about our home project: I would like to know also your first sensations and suggestion about this, since we spent -with enthusiasm- lot of time and energy about this “topic”. See you soon!Cris


Hello, Good Monday!It’s a bit ‘l do not speak about home decor and interiors, but i know that it’s a very discussed topic in this period on the blogs, so today i would give you some simple “advices” to make your home warm and friendly, without being to “lavish” – it’s not the right spirit, i think – during this special time of the year. As I was saying this morning answering to a comment on the previous post, lights and candles are basic decorations, that will put you in the right spirit. Just observing the flickering flames of candels will bring you serenity and joy.
This morning I was looking around on Pinterest, and i’ve found so many inspiring images that I’ve decided to draft a Christmas list that i would share with you.


LANTERNS: I’m crazy about lanterns, i think they always add to home a special romantic touch. There are outdoor lanterns in different sizes, made by iron or coloured wood, and I often put them also indoor, in the hallways or on the stairs.
BLINKING LIGHTS: Usually we use them on the Cristmas Tree, or on the balcony. I think this kind of lighting, spotted and suffesed, it’s just perfect for the winter nights. It’s beautiful to decorate some corners of the home with lights, I’m a great fan of luminous branches (to put in transparent vases) and of the floral bouquets on a console woven with blinking lights.
CANDLES: a must have during all year, especially in this period. Green and red candles go together in this season, even if I prefere simple white candles, slightly scented, especially for the dinner table.


CHRISTMAS SOCKS: Extra-large coloured socks in which we put sweets, candies or lollipops. I don’t have a fireplace in my home, so i hang them at the windowsill. When i look at them, I suddenly come back to my childhood.
INDOOR TINY LANTERNS: (see previous trio) I think that these tiny lanterns with Christmas subjects are just adorable. I’ve seen something similar at Ikea and Maisons du Monde shops.
CHRISTMAS COOKIES: it can’t be Christmas without festive recipes! Cookies and cupcakes have the starring role: decorated with sugar paste, and sugared almond; cookies shaped with beautiful cookies’ cutters, to make tons of stars and reindeers. (someone hangs them even on Christmas Tree). Here in Italy candy canes and gingerbread men aren’t really popular, short crust pastry remains the main ingredient in the most part of the recipes.
CHRISTMAS WREATH: to hang up at the house’s doors, they welcome the guests; they’re made by woven wooden branches, red berries, coloured ribbons and pine leaves, and many others ornaments; a sprig of mistletoe brings good luck for the New Year. Lovers always kiss each other under the mistletoe, it’s a common habit.


CHRISTMAS BALLS: These ornaments are widespread all over the world: we use to hang them on the Chistmas Tree, but they’re good decorations to use for a centerpiece, or to hang at the windows with coloured ribbons for decoration.They’re made by many materials: glass, plastic, fabrics, paper, ecc…
ADVENT CALENDAR: This calendar is very common between children, and it’s used to count the days remaining at Christmas (from 1st December to 24th December). Every day is a little box that contains sweets or candies.
CHRISTMAS CARDS: nowadays few people still use the postcards, or the Christmas cards to give to family and friends; I love to make Christmas card by myself, not to buy them. I like to personalize the cards, it’s part of the gift, and i can’t think to make the same gift for two different persons. If you have the time, make it by your own, the people who receive it will be so happy!
MUGS: To fight winter cold, nothing it’s better than a hot chocolate cup. I love mugs, and every year I always find so many mugs with Christmas’ subjects that I’m not able to choose a single one. Perfect for a tea-time with friends, or after dinner, when you’re on the couch, under the plaid.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time!Cris


Hello! Time’s flying, we’re already at the middle of November. We’re into autumn, finally! And autumn, for me, means also time to take it easy and just relax, with a warm plaid and a cup of hot chocolate, a good book to read, flipping trough the pages of some interior magazines…
In this post i’ll try to describe, with images, the mood that i like to breath in some corners of my home, cause it’s important to have your own space to rigenerare yourself. Also colours are really important to achieve this purpose, so you have to be beware of the shades of colors you put together. (Feng Shui can teach us a lot about this topic)
disimpegniThis is the reason why spaces like hallways, storage closet, also the spaces underneath the windows can be used in a better way.
Speaking of me, i think that neutral colors, in shades of beige or grey, are the most relaxing for my body and mind, and the easier to match with every other color. But it’s important to liven up them, cause they could become a little “flats” before your eyes. orange palette
1) PERSONALIZE: In the course of time, i’m got used to surround me with the things i love the most: books, magazines, photo album, travel guides .. it’s a beautiful satisfaction to have plenty of things in your house that remind you on the beautiful experiences in your life, or simply at your hobbies: your home must reflect the inner side of who you are. Unlikely a home that you build step by step, instinctively, will have something wrong at other people’s eyes. I really hope that you’ll find some good advices with the inspiration boards below.


2) SOFT IS ..BETTER!: Choose with attention your decors and furnitures: plaids, pillows, cushions, lamps and much more.. every detail makes the difference for the final outcome. Don’t be afraid to fill the house with fabrics, poufs, cushions: soft things make your home just warm, for yourself and for your guests!fluffy cushions

hanging chair3) INSERT A PECULIAR OBJECT: it’s good to break optically the perception of spaces. It could be maybe an object that remind you at your chilhood (the hanging chair!), a travel souvenir, or something else.. It must be something that only you have!

green yellow4)LET’S COMBINE COLORS! It’s not such a big deal, in reality, you must have some simply rules always in mind. If you’re a bit insecure, you may start from neutral colors; then, combine maximum two other colors with the neutral one; take inspiration from magazines, and especially from Nature: landscapes or animals have always adequate combination of colors. But Always, don’t forget what you like the most, you don’t need a cold, tidy home, but a home in which you feel better than in every other place.

paletta rosa

rosa chiaro


Hello! Here the weather is really bad, so gloomy! Today i need colors to cheer me up after a long week-end of work, so i prepare some cushions combos. I love pillows, cushions and our new home will be full of soft and fluffy cushion, i know!Hoping that you’ll enjoy the view!


violet cushion combo


green and beige comboLIGHT BLUE

light-blue cushion combo

azure comboDEEP BLUE

blue combo


grey cushion combo

And these last ones are about some handmade cushions, i found the photos on Pinterest. I think they’re originals. (maybe i can make the floral decors with colored paper and frame them – yeah, i think it’s a good idea! – cause i’m not really good at sewing..)

original creations


Hello!How are you?

We’re really busy in this period, cause in spring we’re moving, we’ll change home!! (tough we’ll still remain in the same town)
It was a bit unexpected (so exciting!) but we found a tiny apartement in the town center, it has to be renovated, but, hey!this is my job, so i’ll work hard and i think in the end it will become a beautiful home!

So, the past few day we looked around for materials, tiles, parquet, and so on.. i still have a bit of confusion because of the huge quantity and variety of the materials we’ve seen, but today i would like to submit to you some of our possible choices:


Kitchen: i was thinking of a square tile, 40×40 cm, to enlarge optically the room. I like the warm tones, like sand for the floor and chocolate (maybe only a stripe between kitchen cabinets)
The kitchen will be two-coloured, in white and laminated wood, and i’ll insert a warm colour, like orange or red. (elegant but energetic)


Bathroom: we were thinking of a modern bathroom, in the shades of grey, a kind of “architectural shower” and suspended bathroom fixture.


Our future bathroom isn’t obviously this big, but i like the colour combination: maybe the floor will be “more grey”, to obtein a neutral effect, which can be personalized with all colours, warm or cold, according to the seasons. (i think that customize the bathroom with towels, rugs, curtains means more fun and brings freshness to the room.)



Bedrooms: I’m totally a “parquet effect” lover, so i’ve no doubt in our choice.
Also in the bedroom is important to have a cozy atmosphere, it’s a private space and it has to fit you perfectly.


I prefere modern and bright-coloured furniture, with a large upholstered bed. To make contrast, the parquet of the master bedroom will be in dark wood.


In the end, for the small bedroom ,i was thinking to a brighter effect, with oak wood or similar, but for now i’ve not really planned it.

Hmm.. we still have so much work to do, but i think that our starting selection is quite good. (hoping to show you soon the good result, with the shots of our new home!)


To create a cozy corner in your home! Seriously, i adore books and i need unlimited space to store them! Nothing’s better than a confortable couch, maybe a quilt in these days, a cup of chocolate and .. a good book!
Today i want to recreate a dreamy atmosphere with a “collage” of my bookcases shots taken in the past years .. Hoping that you’ll be inspired!

salone del mobile 2010 003

Curved walls to create movement in the living or/and separate  rooms;

Contrast between one main colour (White) and warm shades (Brown – Chocolate and Terra di Siena) make the ambience really cozy. Suffused lights and some cushion make the rest.

IMG_2873  salone del mobile 2010 010

I like the asymmetric spaces in a volume like a bookcase: for the eyes is less boring!


Main color White, combined with Black (or shades of grey) and steel materials/objects is a evergreen. Maybe a little “anonymous”.

Let’s warm the grey thones with some natural wood! It seems already better than before!

And maybe, for the best confort, a spacious bookcase near your king-size round bed!