Las Vegas. How many movies take place in “Sin City?! A couple of years ago i’ve finally visited this “strange”and charming city.
The name means, in spanish, “fields”: in the nearby, there were indeed some water wells,  which had kept in life some green areas for a while. First, the location is striking: Las Vegas appears in the middle of the Mojave desert, if you arrive by car from the highway; weather is always windy, and air is hot even in the night. The exciting nights in Vegas: the city that never sleeps: it’s true, you have no time limits: you can eat, dance, sleep, make a plunge in the swimming pool at every hour during the day and the night.
You’re surrounded by strange buildings, gorgeous hotels, that have a bunch of attraction: even (and i was feeling sorry for them) exotic animals, like white tigers. Everything it’s a surprise, a challenge between hotels that wish to amaze the most the million of visitors (also americans) that every year visit this “city”.


During the day, Las Vegas seems snoozing, everybody is quite relaxed and walk from an hotel to an other, from a cafeteria to a steakhouse. Must say that there are not so many people in the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard, the main Street in which more of the hotels are concentrated) during daytime, the night is longer here! With no doubt, Las Vegas shows his better sides in the night, when lights turn on and the shows start..


Every hotels is like a theme park, and they perfectly recreated a setting, an historic period, a fairytale, and so on. The only important thing is to stand out. We visited many of the hotels of the Strip (every hotel can host  3.000/4.000 people) and every one has many restaurants in the inside, a shopping center, a disco, and so much more. In Italy don’t exist such things: for me was literaly incredible! I must show you something “bizarre” that i’ve viewed with my eyes:

Like the name says, the hotel has a Roman setting: they have recreated in the inside not even a palace, but also a roman marketplace (the sky you view in the next photo is fake, is totally recreated! -fools!-) At the outside, the buildings has several columns and capitals, they seems even in white marble, with fountains, water spurts and angels’ statues everywhere. In a word: magnificent.


Bellagio is a small village near Como Lake, in Italy. This resort seems to reproduce the atmosphere and the houses settled on the lake shore. There are also some bizarre touchs, like the room that i called of the “airballoons and the eagle on the Liberty Bell”.


The masterpiece of Bellagio in my opinion is the Murano hand-blown glass chandelier by Dale Chihuly, located in the hall of the hotel. It’s just marvellous. I’ve never seen so much Murano glass all at once. Bellagio has also a beautiful show of fountains outside, that is repeated many times in a day. So beautiful and refreshing in the summer!


Like the name says, this hotel is a reconstruction of the center of Venice, whith elegant buildings, and canals with “gondolas”. (the gondoliers, even females, sing italian songs at the tourist who take a tour in gondola).
This place surprised me so much, cause for who has seen the real Venice one time in life, it’s clearly that there was an amazing effort to build this resort. It was so strange, some pictures taken inside the hotel are so real .. only the buildings – too recent and neat, could have deceived me.



Everything in Vegas is fake, and you know it, but it’s all amusing, huge, coloured,  like a giant amusement park. I felt like a child walking in the Strip, trying not to miss any details, any building, any setting. In many hotels there were really too many people to take some good shots, but i must say that Vegas is magnificent especially on the outside in the night.
I loved “Paris” (a touch of Europe in the middel of the desert) and “New York, New York!”with all the symbols of the Big Apple. The “Excalibur”, a huge medieval castle. The “Luxor”, where we stayed, that has a huge black pyramid near a giant sphinx at the entrance. The Mirage, with his volcano which erupted every night several times. And so on.. I was really astonished in Vegas, and i saw things that i never had imagined. (like the “Wedding Chapels” and the “Marriage” in Vegas, and all the merchandising related: i laught so much for a while for this custom)


I know, and i saw with my eyes, also unpleasant things: children dancing on a street, for some dollars to bring at someone else; aged people that cannot go away from a slot machine, losing a lot, wasting time gambling; people that promote “escorts” with tourists, and so on .. i don’t want to remember these details, but still there are many negative social sides.

Leaving the Strip towards the suburbs, i suggest to take a tour in Freemont Street, in the ancient part of the city (Las Vegas grown up at the beginning of the 1900). Freemont Street seems a “huge tunnel”, because it’s a street covered in white cloth; on the white canopy, many times in a day, they beam sparkling typed tests, and loudspeakers play different kind of music. (there are tribute for several artists: when i took part at the Freemont Street Experience there was a tribute to Freddie Mercury and the Queen “We are the Champions”, so good!)

For many years, the western end of Fremont Street was the area most commonly portrayed whenever producers wanted to display the lights of Las Vegas. The large number of neon signs earned the area the nickname “Glitter Gulch.”  In this district you can see also the first “casinò” builded, like Golden Nugget. For some reason, this part of the city can bring you in the past, when mafia had strong economic power. Hoping to come back someday to discover more.