Hello! This post remained “frozen” for a while, because of my recent work commitments, so this year I’m in huge delay about the last trends about interior design. But I took some interesting pictures, to catch the atmosphere I breathed.

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Let me reassume simply what’ll be trendy next season:

– First of all, we’re back in the 70’s: geometric shapes, flashy colours, fancy wallpapers, round armchairs: if you’re a nostalgic, this is the perfect time for you.
– Make way for rich fabrics and materials: velvet and taffeta are the protagonist of the home, giving a cozy, warm touch, together with the classic marble – or cultured marble for the table surfaces. –
– Let’s have fun combining particular colours: dark moss green with yellow, powder blue with orange, and so on.
– Greenery is good!: wallpaper and pouffs with palms, but also great profusion of plants and vases everywhere, and also cupboards with leaves and blossoms motifs.



Hello! Salone del Mobile in Milan is just over, and, speaking about design, it’s time of the year when you wish to make some changement to your home, with all the new “collections” approaching. I’m really excited to take up the “challenge” of redecoration also this year, and during these days I’ve been greatly inspired especially from Arhaus website and the Arhaus’ Instagram.
The challenge consists in redecorate a room in my home and make it feel more like spring: I choosed my bedroom to redecorate, ’cause I don’t really have so much time to think about giving a refresh to my own home, so this could be a beautiful occasion! Now, let’s start from quite an empty room, only the essential: upholstered bed, light-wooden wardrobe and sidetables, a warm and cozy chocolate brown wall.

Can you imagine to give it a fresh hint? First of all, let’s think about spring, and what it evoke for us: probably greenery, leaves and grass, beautiful scented flowers, isn’t it? The simplest things are always a good point to start.

Now, taking a tour on Arhaus website, I found some interesting hints to transform this room. I prepared a palette board to make it simple. As you can see, we’ll play with the shades of green, adding some pink and fuchsia accents. Thanks also to the shades of beige and brown of the room, which remind me a little at the ground where the blossoms bloom, the final result should be really regenerating.

But let’s resume a bit all the hints I suggest to you:

– Wallpaper: also the wall are main part of the final result. Using a tree and leaves wallpaper could be a great idea to give quite an exotic touch to the room.
– Mirror and Frames: antique white and beige frames would be perfect to combine, better if elegant in shape but rustic in the finishing.
– Cushions and pouffs: let’s prefer natural fiber – linen and cotton cushions and plaids are just perfect – but you could dare to insert also some shipskin pillows or carpets.
– Vases and complements: lace motifs vases and transparent smoke colored ones are great for fresh scented flowers, like pink ranunculus and gerberas. If you’re not pink-addicted, you could insert some shade of yellow instead of the pink one.
– Take some time also to choose some pendant lighting from the site: adding a flower-shaped pendant light, or an elegant glass lamp to a room, can create the right atmosphere.

And last but not least, if you have a quite big bedroom like mine, sure you have enough space for an armchair. Personally, I love to insert wooden outdoor chair in a corner of a room indoor: It creates an effect of originality, like these two chairs by Arhaus, with a simple elegant design, made by rattan and teak wood. Now you could play matching the pillows for your bedroom chair, and it’s done.

Hoping to have given you some good suggestion, I just wish you too a good Spring Challenge in your homes! Cris


Hello! Expo is running to the end, do you had the opportunity to go? I would like to know more about your impressions, sensations, experiences towards this event…We were lucky to visit it already in June, because during these weeks there are just too much people…anyway, these are the photos of our last Friday in Milan…Goodbye Expo, I’m glad that I visited you!

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Hello!Finally Friday we were in Milano for EXPO 2015: i was really looking forward to go ’cause I heard a lot about this universal exposition about food and nutrition, so i had no clear idea of what I would’ve seen. What’s Expo 2015? A universal exhibition about food. Good. That is, what is it?
With Milan selected as the host-city for the Universal Exposition, Italy then chose “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” as its central theme. Expo Milano 2015 will talk about the problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet. The idea is to open up a dialogue between international players, and to exchange views on these major challenges which impact everyone. Expo Milano 2015 will provide an opportunity to reflect upon, and seek solutions to, the contradictions of our world. Nowadays, there are still the hungry and, on the one hand, there are those who die for poor nutrition or too much food. In addition, tons of foods are wasted every year. For these reasons, we need to make conscious political choices, develop sustainable lifestyles, and use the best technology to create a balance between the availability and the consumption of resources.



This is only the “introduction”: something that you could easily find everywhere using internet: but for me, Expo 2015 is also:
– Architecture: at first glance, you could see, standing in the middle of the Decumano – the principal street of Expo – thousand of outstanding pavilions: designed by internationally-renowned architects, the site comprises an area of 1.1 million square meters, easily accessible from Milan and the surrounding area. Reflecting the signature urban-planning style of the ancient Romans, the site is based on two wide avenues, the Cardo and the Decumano, which intersect at Piazza Italia. On these avenues stand the pavilions of the participating countries, the public squares and the areas dedicated to events and catering. Constructed to be energy-efficient and sustainable, the buildings are designed to be removed and reused after the event concludes.

– Digital technology: each country provides visitors with digital media and apps to download: all major pavilions have a dedicated mobile app. And also, technology is all over during the visit of the pavilions: multimedia presentations, light play, interactive screens: visitors are invited to participate in many ways.

– Sensory experience: every country will fascinate you with its colours, shapes, traditions, scents. Food is a powerful way to stimulate senses.DSC00528


And these are some practical information to move in the big area of the Expo, especially if you have only one day like the two of us:

– Get yourself a map of the area before starting the visit: you could find it on the site of Expo 2015 or you could download the mobile application.

– In only one day it’s impossible to see everything: decide previously which pavilions you wish to visit (maximum 15-16 pavillon a day); with so many exhibitors, you must prepare your visit in advance, because for the main pavillons there are often queues and this will delay your itinerary, especially during week-ends.




And now, let’s explore a bit some of the most remarkable pavilions: – not too much, I leave to you the opportunity to discover them better alone –

– Morocco: a warm atmosphere with a light scent of orange and almond. The theme of Morocco is the water, source of life: the idea is the preservation of this precious element, that allows the fruits of the earth – olives, oranges, almonds, – to grow lush.


– Japan: prepare yourself for a quite long wait before enter the pavilion, about 40 minutes/1 hour, but Japanese are really well organized, so the waiting will not seem so long. Japan has made a reflection between the past and the future: in the first part of the visit, you’ll find yourself in feudal rural Japan, with the importance of field work, that must be protected, especially nowadays.

Regarding the future, I found the experience of the “virtual restaurant” really amazing: it’s a short show in which the visitors will learn about some typical dishes of the Japanese Cuisine, but using the chopsticks …on a screen!Really original.


– Cile: “El amor de Chile” will fascinate you, with its beautiful landscapes and the strong link between population and the Earth. They will give you their feeling thanks to musics and poetry. We felt really welcome by the staff: if you visit it, don’t miss the chance to taste their great empanadas.


– China:at first sight an imponent pavilion. Wooden curved rooftops, and thousand of yellow flowers will welcome you at the entrance. The theme choosen by China is the respect and cooperation between the people: as farmers take care of the earth, so people should treat about our planet.


Hoping that you liked my first glimpse of Expo, I must say that it’s a worthy experience, and I hope to be back soon at least one other time. Stay tuned for other shots from the pavilions! Cris


Hello! I’ve been quite absent this week…but I’m here quickly with a beautiful news: RTL 102.5, a national italian radio, organise a contest where you could win a world trip! Isn’t it beautiful? I couldn’t just believe it! I’ve immediately joined!The concost ends on 01 June 2015. Please, may I ask you to give me votes? I know that’s impossible, but still I wanna try…You know I’m a bit…crazy!

Here’s the link to my personal page: to vote me, you have to subscribe to the site: click “Login” and then “Crea nuovo account”. You must confirm the subscription by mail. And that’s all! Now you can vote (me)!Good Luck!


Ciao a tutti! Sono stata un po’ assente questa settimana … non ho avuto molto tempo di aggirarmi tra i vostri blog! Sono qui di passaggio solo per comunicarvi un’eccitante iniziativa di RTL 102.5: dal 16 Marzo è aperto un concorso in cui si può vincere un giro del mondo! Non ci potevo credere! Ovvio che mi sono subito iscritta e sto raccogliendo voti ovunque. Se anche voi voleste aiutarmi a coronare un mio sogno qui trovate il link alla mia pagina.


Per votare dovete iscrivervi alla community di RTL 102.5 (se non lo siete già!), confermare l’iscrizione via mail ed il gioco è fatto! Potete votare (me)!Buona Fortuna!Cris


Hello!Finally spring is arrived! We’re having such lovely sunny days. And spring means renovations, also for the home! In this post I’ve collected some of the ideas I like the most for my home for this spring/summer seasons -hoping to have the time to dedicate to our home -.

1) PILLOWS: i love cushions and textiles, but till now I didn’t buy a single new pillow: on the top of the wish list there are the UK/USA flags cushions: I want to put them on the white cabinet in the entrance, together with the blue&red cushions I already have.

cuscini2) WALL CLOCK FOR THE KITCHEN: I haven’t buy either a new clock for the kitchen. (the previous one is broken)
We think that we could order something original with free shipping by internet, like these with the cats: Robin – our cat – will be honoured!:)


3) WORLD MAP PAINTINGS: I found on EBay this combo of three canvas boards: I would like to buy it for the living room: we may also put the “pins”on the places we already visit and check about the new destinations.

world map

4) PATCHWORK ARMCHAIR: we need an armchair in the master bedroom. I wasn’t really satisfied about the classical types I found. But one of our suppliers makes a collections of funny chairs, and I totally liked this one: it was love at first sight. I love natural wood combined with patchwork.

kenna armchair

5) A CHALKBOARD: I always loved chalkboards. I love writing and drawing with coloured chalks. I think that it would be great to have one in the kitchen to take note of the things to do, to buy, etc…
I found a lot of cute chalkboards in different sizes, with different frames: but the thing that surprised me, it’s that you can find also table trays, little pots, a variety of accessories where you can write your “thoughts”.Funny, isn’t it?


For today, that’s all. Time’s flying. You may say ” And these are the only things you need?” Sure not.
I didn’t even mentioned the curtains. ALL the curtains in EVERY room. The outdoor furniture. The pots and the plants we wanted to buy for the balcony. The carpets. The new frames we need in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom. STOP. I’ll talk about our ideas next time. Little by little. Have a great day!Cris


It’s a great peasure for me to introduce you a new topic on the blog: from now on, “The Blog around The Corner” will have some special guests writing about travel&food, photography&interiors! Nice, isn’t it! Of course, every one of you, if you wish,  is invited to make a special post for me, I would be really honoured.
I’ve been contacted by Raffaella, the author, for the first time by mail: she proposed to me to publish a short article about travel on my blog, and in the beginning, I was so surprised! Then I became really proud of this, and I just loved the idea. I don’t know really much Raffaella, but she has some qualities I could’nt ignore: she’s a traveller like me; she makes beautiful photographies (like me?!) and she likes to share with others her travel experiences (like me!) so… for today I leave the blog to Raffaella!

Catching Ghosts in Edimburgh. Scotland is a country that offers travellers beautiful and, at the same time, spiritual surprises: from Medieval castles to secluded beaches, from remote lakes to art cities, first of all its capital Edinburgh. The city lies on a series of gentle hills, on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth, a fjord of glacial origin where the River Forth flows into the North Sea.In virtue of its numerous neoclassical monuments, its intellectual atmosphere and its tendency to holding cultural events, Edinburgh is often compared to ancient Athens and even referred to as Athens of the North. The historical parts of the city, namely the Old Town and the New Town, are so rich in monuments that they were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO back in 1995. Let’s start our tour with the most representative building in Edinburgh, that is…


Edinburgh Castle. This is the second most visited building in the United Kingdom, after the Tower of London. In years, it has become an authentic symbol not only for Edinburgh, but for the whole Scotland. Just take a look at it and you will be pervaded by dreamlike suggestions.


The Castle’s origins go really back in time: there is evidence that the rock (the so-called Castle Rock), upon which the Castle sits, was inhabited since the Iron Age or even earlier, although it is difficult to estimate what type of human settlement it was. Starting from the Medieval period, the Rock became a royal seat; from the 15th century onwards, this royal role declined and the Castle was mainly used as a military garrison. What we see today is the result of centuries of changes and restorations according to the tastes and fashions of the different epochs.

The Dark Side of the Castle.Visiting Edinburgh Castle is not only a journey through time: it is also a way to get to know the dark side of this enigmatic city.Perhaps most of people ignore that the soil where the Castle stands is cursed: between the 16th and 18thcentury, at least 300 people accused of witchcraft were burned on the esplanade, just in front of the entrance. Many are the ghosts living in the Castle, according to the legend. I personally was particularly impressed by the story of a bagpiper that was sent underground to explore some secret tunnels leading from the Castle to the Royal Mile and simply vanished with no trace. Sometimes, people say, his music can still be heard. The Edinburgh Castles also has some underground prisons where prisoners were kept to be tortured: many of them never saw the light again and perished in the Castle dungeons. Legend has it that their ghosts are still wandering there. For prices, opening hours and booking online, you can have a look at the official site of the Castle.


Grass-market Square. It is said to be one of the most macabre places in the city, the market-place where public executions took place. The spirits of the executed people, according to the legend, are still there… I am not sure whether I was only influenced by it, but to be totally honest there was a strange atmosphere in the square. (Have a go if you dare! Then let me know..)


The Royal Mile. It is the main street of the Old Town, connecting the Castle to the Palace of Holyrood House. On either side of the road, an intricate system of narrow passages and steep alleys (called closes) opens up; all around, high and grey palaces close the vision. They say the spirits of the people who died during the plague in 1644, when hundreds of men and women were walled up alive in their homes, are still trapped in the area. One of the most famous close is the one of Mary King that was re-opened to the public in 2003. A visit to it is highly recommended.


Food in Edinburgh. Where to eat in Edinburgh? The answer is easy: taverns! Along the Royal Mile, you will find plenty of them. Personally, I recommend the Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, an authentic Scottish pub with delicious food and very accessible prices. Have a look at what people say about it here. The last time I have been to Edinburgh, I tried this café-bar called the Pottery Shed where I had a supreme battered haddock. (please read the reviews on Tripadvisor ).



Sleeping in Edinburgh. When visiting a city, I guess most of tourists opt for a nice hotel in a central position so they can use it as the perfect starting point for their tours. Even better if the hotel’s rooms offer beautiful views on the city and its Castle. Then, if the hotel in question has an indoor pool, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant overlooking a beautiful private garden and a lounge bar for aperitifs and snacks, there is no questioning the choice. Here is my personal choice after a long research on the net: the 4-star Crowne Plaza at 18 Royal Terrace, right in the heart of Edinburgh, at the most convenient price I could find. Also, friends have mentioned to me a website specialized in renting holiday apartments and houses: I guess it could be worth a try if you are not fond of hotels, but actually prefer to enjoy the freedom of an independent accommodation.


How to get to Edinburgh. Reaching the Scottish capital is easy and convenient thanks to a good range of economic flights from the main low-cost companies, like Ryanair, Easyjet or Vueling. If you want to be sure to get the most convenient ticket, then you should browse sites like Skyscanner that compares a large numbers of cheap flights from different lines in few seconds. Personally, I have never tried it, but friends that have used it told me it was really easy to find the plane they were looking for.

See?Raffaella sure has the gift to explain things without being boring: she go straight to the point and give to us many practical advices for a fantastic trip in Edimburgh, sharing with us her own great experience. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions for her!