Hello! Salone del Mobile in Milan is just over, and, speaking about design, it’s time of the year when you wish to make some changement to your home, with all the new “collections” approaching. I’m really excited to take up the “challenge” of redecoration also this year, and during these days I’ve been greatly inspired especially from Arhaus website and the Arhaus’ Instagram.
The challenge consists in redecorate a room in my home and make it feel more like spring: I choosed my bedroom to redecorate, ’cause I don’t really have so much time to think about giving a refresh to my own home, so this could be a beautiful occasion! Now, let’s start from quite an empty room, only the essential: upholstered bed, light-wooden wardrobe and sidetables, a warm and cozy chocolate brown wall.

Can you imagine to give it a fresh hint? First of all, let’s think about spring, and what it evoke for us: probably greenery, leaves and grass, beautiful scented flowers, isn’t it? The simplest things are always a good point to start.

Now, taking a tour on Arhaus website, I found some interesting hints to transform this room. I prepared a palette board to make it simple. As you can see, we’ll play with the shades of green, adding some pink and fuchsia accents. Thanks also to the shades of beige and brown of the room, which remind me a little at the ground where the blossoms bloom, the final result should be really regenerating.

But let’s resume a bit all the hints I suggest to you:

– Wallpaper: also the wall are main part of the final result. Using a tree and leaves wallpaper could be a great idea to give quite an exotic touch to the room.
– Mirror and Frames: antique white and beige frames would be perfect to combine, better if elegant in shape but rustic in the finishing.
– Cushions and pouffs: let’s prefer natural fiber – linen and cotton cushions and plaids are just perfect – but you could dare to insert also some shipskin pillows or carpets.
– Vases and complements: lace motifs vases and transparent smoke colored ones are great for fresh scented flowers, like pink ranunculus and gerberas. If you’re not pink-addicted, you could insert some shade of yellow instead of the pink one.
– Take some time also to choose some pendant lighting from the site: adding a flower-shaped pendant light, or an elegant glass lamp to a room, can create the right atmosphere.

And last but not least, if you have a quite big bedroom like mine, sure you have enough space for an armchair. Personally, I love to insert wooden outdoor chair in a corner of a room indoor: It creates an effect of originality, like these two chairs by Arhaus, with a simple elegant design, made by rattan and teak wood. Now you could play matching the pillows for your bedroom chair, and it’s done.

Hoping to have given you some good suggestion, I just wish you too a good Spring Challenge in your homes! Cris



Hello! I’m so busy right now and I know that I’m neglecting the blog lately, but today I’m really glad to inform you that you can find an article about Santorini written by me on “Giro in Foto” online magazine, together with other exciting articles from talented photographers.



It’s just a small thing but if I can make something related with photography and travels I’m just so happy! Reading it this morning made my day! If you want to take a look to the magazine, just click on the image above. I hope to be back soon with new recipes for Christmas!

Have a nice day!Cris


Hello!Now that i think of it, it’s the first post I publish regarding photography. As you sure know, I have a Flickr account, an Instagram account, and in my travel posts I’m always in doubt about which shots I have to insert. (because I can’t really choose between tons of shots that I took)
I’m writing today cause I’m all excited ’cause I’ve been contacted by a swedish advertising agency in Gothenburg, and they asked me the permission to use one of my shoot (see below) for a campaign for one of their customer. What can I say? IT’S JUST WOW!It’s the first time for me, plus I’ll been payed for this. (maybe I’m dreaming!)
I was always asking myself, since I became passionate of photography, which was my quality as a photographer. Knowing that someone is interested in my shots, it’s just so great!


This is my shot been selected to be use for the pub campaign. (it’s something for summer tourism, of course.)
And this is one of the multiple uses that this agency will realize: the photo will be used in print ads, digital banners and a film over the spring and summer.


It’s just a small thing, but it makes me happy! Hoping that this will be the first of many collaborations! See ya!Cris