“La Spagna ha molto da offrire al visitatore: la sensazione di trovarsi d’improvviso in un altro continente; la novità di paesaggi vasti e selvaggi, le memorie – nell’architettura, nei nomi, nelle usanze – della passata dominazione araba; le austere, splendide chiese; le bianche città andaluse simili a zollette di zucchero sparse su colli spogli; processioni, ferias, zingari, tori focosi, cantanti di flamengo.”

“Spain has much to offer to visitors: the feeling of being suddenly in another continent; the news of extended and wild landscapes, the memories – in architecture, in the names, in the mores – of past Arabic domination; the austere, splendid churches; the white Andalusian cities like sugar cubes scattered on barren hills; processions, ferias, gypsies, fiery bulls, flamengo singers.”

Robert Littell

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Hello to you all! Obviously I’m always short in time…for me this is the last week working and I’m just too busy to end everything before Sunday! Last Sunday I had a great time visiting the aquarium of Genova: there was bad weather, so we couldn’t go to the sea; we decided to stop in Liguria and visit it: here some shots taken inside. Cris

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“It’s good that Atlantis remains a mistery. It’s right that the man, looking at the ocean, is troubled thinking of a distant and inscrutable kingdom engulfed in a day and a night by the waters and the fire; thinking of the proud dream of an eternity broken by the awakening of the Nature. The civilizations are born, grow, and eventually die. Get ready for this. Atlantis has never existed! It’s everywhere.”

Pierre Benoît

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If you want to know more about Santorini, here is the link to my previous related post. I already long for summer, sun and sea, and Santorini’s shots always surprise me for the beauty of the place. Happy week-end to you all!Cris