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“Per visitare Berlino bisogna saper vedere anche quello che non c’è più e saper intuire una ingannevole realtà. Qui gli eventi sono cicatrici sul volto della storia, ma la loro capacità evocativa è intatta. A Berlino nulla resta più visibile di ciò che si cerca di cancellare.”

“To visit Berlin must be able to see what is not here anymore, and be able to grasp a deceptive reality. Here events are scars on the face of history, but their evoking ability is unaltered. In Berlin nothing remains more visible than what you are trying to delete.”

(Johann Bernhard Merian)


  1. I recognize some of the art from when I visited the remains of the wall in 2008. I notice the fence in some of the photos. Is there now a barrier around part of it to keep people from adding graffiti? When I was there, I saw people writing on the wall and digging out chips of cement as souvenirs. Stupid people.

    • Yes, and thanks to these “stupid” people know we can see a “beautiful” fence protecting some parts of the remaining wall…I was really disappointed too about the disrespectful behavior of certain people (also running screaming non-sense in the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe – it’s a shame-)

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