Hello to you all! Obviously I’m always short in time…for me this is the last week working and I’m just too busy to end everything before Sunday! Last Sunday I had a great time visiting the aquarium of Genova: there was bad weather, so we couldn’t go to the sea; we decided to stop in Liguria and visit it: here some shots taken inside. Cris

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      • Yes! your country was very good to us!!! 🙂 We stayed in Genoa and we loved it as there were not a lot of tourists there. From there we took the train to Cinque Terre and La Spezia almost everyday. So beautiful. People were nice, food was delicious and the scenery was breathtaking! I posted photos and did a series about Liguria on the blog. All the best!

      • Hello! I’m glad to hear you say that! Make the tourists feeling like “at home” is just the warmest welcome to give, I think… I’ll read your posts about Liguria on your blog, thank you! See you soon!Cris

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